Why a writing catalog?


Because my sister is a  Part Time Monster, and needs contributors. And she knows I’ve been playing with blogs for years. She wants an big audience for her writing and that means she must have more bloggers.

So I created this little affiliate. I tailored it to a more specific segment of the blogging community, and set it up to be a useful resource for writers once I accumulate a nice archive.

Our fellow-contributor Sam seems to be on the same wavelength. He’s writing about filmmaking at  Universal Half Truths.

The Writing Catalog will focus on three things: archiving as much writing-related content as possible, sharing the work of Part Time Monster and friends with my own readers, and sharing writing-related WordPress blogs with PTM.

I plan to write about blogging and social media at PTM, once we get this thing going.


6 thoughts on “Why a writing catalog?

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