A book from every state in the Union.


Cate’s Book Nut Hut has a list of 50 books, one from each state. The Sound and the Fury is the book listed for Mississippi. If I were making such a list, and were choosing a Faulkner novel to represent MS, I would go with  Absalom, Absalom!

Cate plans to review a book from each state during 2014. What a fabulous idea.

image: Joliet82/DeviantArt

4 thoughts on “A book from every state in the Union.

  1. Hm. I’m not sure I’d choose a Faulkner novel at all, though if I did I’d have to agree with The Sound and the Fury. And while I certainly understand the reasons behind choosing Faulkner to represent Mississippi, I’d probably choose Wright’s Black Boy or Welty’s The Ponder Heart.


  2. Thank you for the ping back. I’m going to take a look at some of your suggestions and decide which one to read for Mississippi; I’m trying to stay away from the expected reads and find something, if not new, not well known.


    • I like The Secret History, by Donna Tartt. It is not a perfect novel – it was her first, and she was young when she published it. It’s very much popular fiction, and it’s a bit dramatic. But it plays with gothic themes in ways that I find interesting, and it also explores relationships, guilt, and memory.


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