Punchyish Interview with author Sonya Solomonovich

– The professor has a interview today with the author of Dryad, and a bonus video of a comic adaptation of a scene from the book. Enjoy!

The Punchy Lands!

Today, the professor would like to welcome author–and PF member–Sonya Solomonovich for a Punchyish author interview!


“Humans are so fascinating!” thinks Solena, a dryad from the South American rainforest who is scorned by others of her tribe for her obsession with the human world. But when the forest is threatened, it is Solena who is chosen to go on an undercover mission that leads to a breathtaking time travel adventure involving pirates, knights, and of course, a talking alligator. 

1. State one Punchyish fact about yourself.

I once ate a peanut butter and banana doughnut. That’s maybe more Elvis than Punchyish, but I could see the Punchies getting into it too.

2. What inspired Dryad?

I actually got the idea from a fellow-writer who wanted me to participate in National Novel Writing Month so he gave me an idea about a dryad climbing the corporate ladder in order to save the rainforest…

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