Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy weekend. I’ve been a little under the weather this week, and I have a big event at work on Monday, but I think I have everything in hand, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some writing done this weekend.

Here are the things I’m working on, for those of you who are following my process and plans.

  • A post on marriage equality for Sourcerer. I spent all my writing time on this last night, and it’s still not good enough to publish. I changed my schedule and put this at the top of the list because this is one of the three issues I’ve identified as suitable political blogging for Sourcerer, and my social media is awash in pink equal signs and rainbow flags at the moment because my home state is considering a nasty piece of legislation that could allow all manner of discrimination under the guise of protecting religious freedom. My general rule is that only 10 percent or so of Sourcerer’s content be political. I think of the political posting I do there as the editorial page, but sometimes this stuff has to get done, and at the moment this is both a local issue and one that directly affects people I know.
  • Another installment of my Tolkien series for Part Time Monster. I intended to have one for today, but spent last night working on the post I just mentioned.
  • Awards posts. I need to give awards to a lot of bloggers  in the next couple of weeks. Once I get the two top-priority posts taken care of, I’m writing at least three awards posts before I do one more thing.

In case you missed our debut of Part Time Monster’s Pinterest account earlier this week, here’s a writing-related board you might enjoy exploring.

There are many more boards there, covering everything from Blogging and Social Media to Digital Humanities to images of tattoos, and a lot of them are themed to match the content of our blogs (So, things like Comics, Tolkien, Batman, and Feminism). Diana put a lot of thought into the initial setup, and once we’re a little further along, I plan to build a few boards there myself.

I have next Tuesday off, and the following week is spring break, so I’m just trying to get through the next week or so, then I’ll be able to really catch up, and hopefully get most of my writing for the A to Z Challenge done.

It’s good to be busy! Thanks for reading our blogs and for encouraging us to keep this project going. I’m always happy to meet up with bloggers on other social media, and I don’t mind promoting blogs I like. In fact, I sort of enjoy it.

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