What Do You Think of This Blurb?

I’d give the first page a look, and if it grabbed me, I’d certainly read it. I like urban fantasy. My own fiction project (on the back-burner at the moment) isn’t quite urban fantasy, but it does have a few elements. And I love the image. What do you think, folks? Readable?

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Although I haven’t kept secret the fact that I wrote a book last year, I rarely bring it up. I did have one post dedicated to the book a month or two ago (or three) but it wasn’t my most well received post. In fact, no matter how you count it, from views to likes to comments, this was possibly my least popular post to date. So, needless to say, I haven’t said much about the book since.

That’s about to change.

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A little writer humour

I haven’t forgotten about this blog, just been crazy-busy. I have a substantial post coming. It started out as something quick and easy and turned into a monster. Vicki tells me it’s appealing and has emotionality. I don’t have time to finish it tonight, but I hope to get it out this week. In the meantime, I hope this cartoon lifts your spirits as much as it did mine.

Taylor Grace

Found this funny little cartoon for writers.

INCIDENTAL COMICS: Styles of Writing.

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Have a writing joke, and a fabulous Sunday!

Here’s  little humor from Part Time Monster’s “Reading and Writing” Pinterest board.

The image is pinned from quirkbooks. WordPress sizes pins automatically, but you can click to see the enlarged version.