If We Were Having Coffee 8

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you the modest success we’ve had with Part Time Monster and Sourcerer has driven me to flights of fancy.

I daydream sometimes about the things Diana and I could get up to on the Internet if we had an office, an administrative assistant, a real webmaster, and two years’ worth of overhead to work with.

I also think sometimes about how cool it would be to get a big bunch of bloggers together and have everyone load a single post a week into a new blog, but not publish it, until we had 365 posts piled up, so I could schedule a month’s worth of daily posts to publish at Noon Eastern Time for a whole year. I wonder what the archive and the author grid would look like at the end of that year. Notice I said “load” a post per week. Not “write” a post per week. I’m talking about things from our archives like:coffee

  • First posts
  • Favorite posts
  • Popular posts
  • Images that were used for a Wordless Wednesday months ago.

We’d have to upload the art, but text would take no time at all to copy and tag, and the links would come though. As long as the posts weren’t dated or commenting on specific current events long since forgotten, that could turn into a brilliant blog.

I’d tell you that, these flights of fancy aside, I kicked off a new WordPress project this weekend. It will take only about 10 minutes of my time per day and doesn’t require anyone else to collaborate. I’m not going big with the announcement for a while. Some of you will find out about it through notifications or by stumbling across little breadcrumbs I’ll leave here and there. I want to see what it does for a month without me promoting it.

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

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