If We Were Having Coffee . . .

.  .  . I would tell you this is a linkup, and everyone who writes a coffee post this weekend is welcome. Share a link to your post with me, and I will share it with some friends 🙂

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. . .  I’d tell you my blogging has suffered lately, and it’s my own damn doing. I should have called it a day and started planning for January the first week of July, but we were having such a good time and people were sending me so much stuff I decided to stretch it another month.

I did three guest posts in July, too. One about my social media for Jessica Leeman and a two-parter for Comparative Geeks. From a strictly rational perspective, I shouldn’t have given those posts to other bloggers, but rationality only goes so far in BlogLand. It felt good to write them and post them. I adore both CompGeeks and Jessica so much that I am happy to give them my writing. And keep in mind that when I wrote those posts I was not even aware of the fact that I would be writing on this new blog a month later. So, right decision-making. Plus, guest blogging is fun. I think I did the right thing, and here I am on a nifty new blog saying so. 🙂

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you my grandson, who I’ve worked very hard with on some reading and social skills over the summer, made a perfect score on his first spelling test. He’s reading, too. That’s all I will say about my family today, except to note that Vicki, my wife, will certainly read this post and might comment if she sees something on the thread she likes.

And I would tell you ten months in the blogosphere is not enough time to really get one’s bearings. I feel as though I am just getting my feet under me, and it is largely because I made the move to this blog. But even though we haven’t known what we were doing, really, we’ve accomplished our first long term goal. If you want  your blog to attract people, and you are not a genius, your blog needs archives deep enough for someone who really loves it to get lost in.  We have that now. we’ve produced more than 1,000 posts on several different blogs since we started. I’d say we have archives.

. . . I’d tell you that’s enough from me for today even though I could go on and on about my social media plans. If it strikes your fancy, drop a link to your coffee post on the thread.

I’m not sure what else to say, so I will just wish you a happy weekend 🙂

74 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee . . .

    • Thanks Taylor! I was just about to add the link myself but you beat me to it. I do have to go out in a minute to shop for school uniform though, which is one of the things I mentioned in my post!
      Thanks for the invitation Gene’O – really looking forward to following your new blog.

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  4. Fabulous responses so far. It was nice to wake up to the inbox full of notifications. I’m adding a couple of links to the thread that were dropped on my announcement from yesterday, because I didn’t get this post up early enough.



    Thanks to everyone for stopping by. I’ll be back to answer comments and visit some blogs in a bit 🙂

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  6. Alrighty. I’m going to try and be organized about this so as not to miss anyone.. I’ll start by visting everyone who’s already left a link, tweeting their links from the browser, and adding the ones with images to a Pinterest board. I’ll also bookmark them for sharing on other networks later. Starting with the Tweets and the Pins because Twitter and Pinterest are active right now. Reblogs and Stumbled links, and fanpage shares this time of the day on a Saturday would just be overkill and not a good use of the time.

    If you’re just arriving, the linkfest is still open. I’ll do another round of sharing tomorrow. Once I get everyone who’s shared up to this point in, I’ll drop a link to the Pinterest board and, time permitting, answer comments.

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  8. Okay. Round 1 is all done. If I’ve missed anyone, I’ll catch you when I count the links and compare them to the pin board tomorrow. Prime time on Pinterest is over and I need a little time to get my head right to watch the Doctor Who premiere critically so I can blog about it for Part Time Monster. I’ll do another round of sharing tomorrow, starting with WillowDot’s link above that’s timestamped 15:02. Here’s a link to the Pinterest board.

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    • Thanks! And yes you made it in. I’ll start reading and sharing the rest of these links in about two hours. I’ll read & share anyone who makes it in before I’m done with that.

      Not actually closing the thread, just posting a last comment when I’m finished to say “hey, done.”


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    • Great. I’m just having today’s coffee right now. About to see if I can get your Doctor Who post started before it’s time to start reading & sharing the rest of these awesome posts 🙂


      • Indeed. I definitely should be reading comps information or students’ writing samples, but I’m definitely sitting here reading coffee posts and finishing the third season of Once Upon a Time. Getting back to real work in the morning is soon enough, I think.


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  14. Okay, starting round two now. At the moment, I have 11 blogs to visit, tweet links for, and Pin. The “official” linkup ends when I’ve done that for every link on the thread. S-o-o-o-o. You have about an hour and a half to get a link in if you want to be sure I visit it today. I’ll post a final comment here once I am done.


  15. Okay, all done! If I’ve missed anyone who made it in before this comment posts, I’ll catch you when I go through the thread and do a double-check. Newcomers and latecomers are still free to drop links here, but no guarantees about when I’ll get around to them.

    Thanks, everyone for making this so awesome! Have a stellar week.

    I’ll do a post about this experience in the next few days.


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  17. Great post & comments, Baby! I know this is Monday, but I am about to pick up the Grandson from school today. I thought we would read this post (you know how much he likes being “online”). It is very sweet of you to acknowledge his hard work.

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    • That is a lovely idea, if you can catch him in the right mood to read words on the Internet, lol. Wish I could use his name here just so he could read it for himself and realize I put his name on the internet, but that would be too much, I think.We should teach him to read the word Grandson.

      I encourage you to visit the links on this thread and follow the ones whose blogs you like on WordPress. Good people here, all. Some are my friends, some Diana’s, some mutual. All worthy of your attention.


  18. Sorry mine was a little later than the others, but you got me writing my first Coffee post, like some of the people above!

    And for anyone stopping by and seeing this, seriously, check out his posts on Comparative Geeks. He honestly could have teased this out on his own blog for a month, and instead helped give us a vacation back in early August. LINKS!


    Read these posts, ya’ll! Because it’s BATMAN!

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