Thanks for all the Happy Birthdays!!

I wasn’t going to mention my birthday on the social media, but Diana did it for me in a fabulously amusing post on Thursday. Sadly, I didn’t see that post until yesterday.

This is me.

This is me.

Without going into too much detail about my professional life, I’ll say I coordinate a large, busy, academic support unit for a university. I LOVE the job, and I take it very seriously. We opened our doors to students for the fall semester on Wednesday, so I haven’t been online since Tuesday. Sourcerer’s been publishing scheduled posts all week, and my Facebook and Twitter accounts have just been piling up notifications.

I do catch snippets of social media communication on my phone, though, even when I’m unable to respond. I knew something was up on Thursday when I noticed, while taking a breather, that Conrad of The Wine Wankers had wished me a happy birthday on Twitter; I just didn’t have time to investigate. I find it very amusing that I saw Conrad’s tweet, but I didn’t see Diana’s post, even though Part Time Monster publicizes to my @Sourcererblog Twitter account.

I’ve got at least one more Very Little Blogging week before the rhythm of my life returns to normal, but over this long weekend I’m going to try and crop a dozen photos and set up a few things (such as regrouping and preparing to resume the Feminist Fridays). I’m also hoping to squeeze in a coffee post for tomorrow.

Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes. I think I’ve received more this year than I have since I got too old for birthday parties. Have a safe and happy weekend!!

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