If We Were Having Coffee . . .

.  .  . I would tell you this is a linkup, and everyone who writes a coffee post this weekend is welcome. Share a link to your post with me, and I will share it with some friends 🙂

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. . .  I’d tell you my blogging has suffered lately, and it’s my own damn doing. I should have called it a day and started planning for January the first week of July, but we were having such a good time and people were sending me so much stuff I decided to stretch it another month.

I did three guest posts in July, too. One about my social media for Jessica Leeman and a two-parter for Comparative Geeks. From a strictly rational perspective, I shouldn’t have given those posts to other bloggers, but rationality only goes so far in BlogLand. It felt good to write them and post them. I adore both CompGeeks and Jessica so much that I am happy to give them my writing. And keep in mind that when I wrote those posts I was not even aware of the fact that I would be writing on this new blog a month later. So, right decision-making. Plus, guest blogging is fun. I think I did the right thing, and here I am on a nifty new blog saying so. 🙂

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you my grandson, who I’ve worked very hard with on some reading and social skills over the summer, made a perfect score on his first spelling test. He’s reading, too. That’s all I will say about my family today, except to note that Vicki, my wife, will certainly read this post and might comment if she sees something on the thread she likes.

And I would tell you ten months in the blogosphere is not enough time to really get one’s bearings. I feel as though I am just getting my feet under me, and it is largely because I made the move to this blog. But even though we haven’t known what we were doing, really, we’ve accomplished our first long term goal. If you want  your blog to attract people, and you are not a genius, your blog needs archives deep enough for someone who really loves it to get lost in.  We have that now. we’ve produced more than 1,000 posts on several different blogs since we started. I’d say we have archives.

. . . I’d tell you that’s enough from me for today even though I could go on and on about my social media plans. If it strikes your fancy, drop a link to your coffee post on the thread.

I’m not sure what else to say, so I will just wish you a happy weekend 🙂

Let’s have coffee tomorrow.

I’m having a linkup here this weekend. If you want to join the party, here is how it works:

 Hey, Diana, I hope you don't mind me swiping your free stock image! Art by Justin Leibow/Unsplash

Hey, Diana, I hope you don’t mind me swiping your free stock image! Art by Justin Leibow/Unsplash

  1. You write an “If We Were Having Coffee” post. I’ll do the same. Mine runs Saturday.
  2. Drop a link to your coffee post on my thread and if you see other bloggers joining in, take a second to visit their blogs and comment or respond to them here.

If you bring the links, I will share them over the weekend on the various social media that is at my disposal. It’s fun, it’s easy, and links to your blog get transmitted to my friends. A win-win-win, I’d say.

🙂 🙂 🙂 Smileys all around! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Everybody Knows.

The blog is coming along so splendidly, I decided to post my first video here today. It has an About page and sharing buttons. Comment likes are turned on, threads can go seven or eight deep, and my Google+ info should show up somewhere at the bottom of the post.

I’m still not publicizing the links. This is a just-for-WordPress post. Lots to do yet before I am ready for the wider world to have a look at this blog, but I’m getting there. All things considered, it’s a good week.

We’re in fine shape 🙂