Tuesday Texture: Lawn Furniture



lawnchair_texture 2014_08_28

photo by Gene’O

Tuesday Textures are not “wordless” posts. It’s perfectly all right to include a little text with them, especially if the text provides some info about where the shot came from or technical details about how you took the photo.

This is a shot of the seat of a neighbor’s lawn chair, taken with my Samsung Galaxy S4 camera phone, which is the best camera I have for high-ish resolution photos and has the advantage of being in my pocket at all times.

Something about the geometry and the color just grabbed me.

I must send a shoutout to my photoblogging buddy That Montreal Girl. She’s been doing texture photos a lot longer than me. I just came up with an alliterative title. That’s the easy part, really. You can find her on Twitter @ThatMTLGirl


Muted Monday: “Valar Morgulis”


ValarMorgulis 2014_09_28

Photo by Gene’O

Banned Book Week Afterparty

Here’s that Pinterest board I promised you yesterday, and thanks to Hannah for hosting the Banned Book Week Blog Party at Things Matter. I hate I missed the early part of the week, but at least I made it 🙂 Eclectic Alli, who wrote and reblogged a ton of BBW-related posts, also has a banned books Pinterest board. Alli was pinning as she went all week, and her board is twice the size of mine, so you’ll find lots of stuff there that I missed in my frantic bloghopping yesterday.

If you’ve got a Pinterest Board, or you’ve cataloged BBW links in some other way, feel free to share them on the thread, or to discuss the Banned Book Week 2014 experience, share links to your favorite posts, etc.

It’s very early and I have most of the day to set up some blogs. I’m thinking of doing “Photo Week” here beginning tomorrow. If I do, I’ll have a photo a day tomorrow through Friday. Most will be “wordless” features. If you see a Muted Monday here tomorrow morning, you’ll know it’s on. If not, I’ll have an announcement.

Happy Sunday, and read banned books!