We Persist: Feminist Friday Regrouping Thread.

These posts  are always better with music. Not sure why I picked Sinead O’Connor with Roger Waters and several members of The Band for this one, but I hope you enjoy it.

If we’re going to do another round of Feminist Fridays, we need to do it soon, or else we’re going to have to start over from zero. I can’t get it going again this week, so I’m shooting for Sept. 12 to kick off the next round. I’ll do a recap and set up the next iteration at Part Time Monster, and then the following week, Sept. 19, we’ll start the posting and see how many we can do before the fatigue sets in and we need another break. Here’s what I need from you this week, and really, any day will be fine. I’m not posting again here until Saturday or Sunday.

  • If you have a post ready to go, let me know on the thread and give me some clue as to what the topic is.
  • If you want to write a post, or have one in process, tell me when you will be ready to publish it.

That’s all. These discussions work best when I start promoting them on Monday, and of course that requires me to have the info I need to do that way earlier than the post is actually going to run. If you want these continue, I’ll make it happen. I need to hear from you by Saturday if I’m going to commit the blogging and social media time to this project through the fall, though. If I get crickets this week, I’m assuming it’s run its course for now and thinking about how to get it going again in January.


27 thoughts on “We Persist: Feminist Friday Regrouping Thread.

  1. I’ll be as involved as I can; I’m focused on Redefining Disability and cutting back on blogging over the next few months. Still here though. I’ll see how things look in January. 🙂

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    • Ok 🙂 I’ll be back around as soon as I can, and i have you bookmarked. We’re going to be like sprinters in the starting blocks in January, I can promise you that. The lack of social media time right now is a source of unhappiness, but you know, life happens. Thanks for this comment 🙂

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    • Me too. This is a crazy long-term sort of thing. The posts mentioned make me very happy 🙂 if no posts were mentioned, I’d have no choice but to hit the reset button. Good peeps around this place, is what I’m sayin’

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    • You’re welcome! It’s the one thing I can do, even when I can’t write the stuff myself. If I start it back up on the 19th, I think we have posts for the two weeks after that, Sept. 26 and Oct. 3. If we pull that off, can you host on the 10th? That will leave us only two weeks to fill before the Halloween weekend, which I think is the next natural break because I’m going to be vacationing that weekend. Diana will be back by then, and I can start thinking about a post of my own now, so even if no one else comes on board, we might just be set through the first week of November here. 🙂

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  2. Thanks very much, all of you, for your responses today. I’m comfortable moving forward with this, and this post stays on the front page until Saturday, so maybe more responses.

    This sort of project ebbs and flows. Sometimes you get 100 comments, sometimes you get 10. As long as enough people are on board to keep it collaborative rather than a vanity project of one blogger, it will work forever.

    Do stay tuned. I’ve said several times now, in all seriousness, that this is the one thing I care about the most. I mean that. I’ll have a restart post for you on the 12th.

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  3. I have a post ready. In it I write about what it was like for a woman in the workplace in the 50s and 60s. I share a question from my first job interview. Then I summarize the important U.S. legislation feminists worked to pass. I end with a plea for vigilance as we work toward ensuring equal opportunity for everyone who is disempowered at present.

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    • Thanks! I’m trying to get the restart post up today. Writing it now. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to respond. I’ll be in touch this week about scheduling if you’re still interested.


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