If We Were Having Coffee . . .

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. . . I’d tell you I don’t have much to talk about this week except work and family. I’ve not had much time for anything else for the last little while. It’s all I can do to keep Sourcerer posting, to have a weekly post at Part Time Monster, and to think about getting the Feminist Friday project rolling again.

I don’t know what most of my peeps are up to, and I’m barely answering comments. All this will get better eventually, but I miss publishing a post of my own every day and I miss the networking, which has become my favorite part of blogging.

I had a great week at work. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve given presentations to nearly 700 people — that’s a big part of why I’ve been so busy — and I’ve done well with them. The combination of public speaking and daily personal interaction at this job has changed my personality over the last couple of years. I realized recently that I really can’t call myself an introvert any more. I am able to start conversations with strangers and deal better with crowds and noisy environments than I ever have. I’m able to function for long periods of time without having to shut myself away alone in a room to recover from the social interaction. I do still need alone time, but not like I used to. My anxiety level is way down. This is a relatively new development, and it’s the job that’s done that for me.

My family’s doing great, too. My grandson is becoming a good speller and developing an aptitude for math. He’s reading the titles of tv shows off the program menus, and he can read his first reader by himself. We’re working on his writing. He’s starting Cub Scouts, which makes me a little sad because I miss the baby, but it also makes me proud. I like the way he’s turning out. He’s considerate of others’ feelings, he’s beginning to understand that his actions have consequences, and has an enjoyable sense of humor.

I’d tell you, too, that I’m eager to see how this blog does through the end of the year with the posting once or twice a week at most. In the time we’ve been blogging, we’ve not had a blog that posted at such a low frequency for very long. We’re everyday bloggers when we can afford to be, and most of what we do is designed to produce a steady stream of content over a long period of time. It’s interesting to have one that’s just different. This blog isn’t picking up followers like it was during the first couple of weeks, but it’s done better for page views during this early phase than any of our other blogs did, and I haven’t really promoted it. So we’ll just see.

What have you been up to this week?


9 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee . . .

  1. I’ve been working like crazy too.
    Congrats on work. Presenting is very nerve-wracking and to 700 people! Yikes! Good for you for accomplishing that. That’s awesome!
    I can’t wait to see where this blog goes. I think it’s so exciting that it’s starting now and gaining momentum.

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    • 🙂 Thanks. It is pretty exciting, and the necessarily slow development is like a suspense-building thing, at least for me.

      I haven’t presented to 700 people all at once, thankfully. It’s groups of 20 to 30. I’ve just done that many presentations. I do have a group of 150 next week, though. I’m interested to see how that goes, and to compare that experience to working with the smaller groups.

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  2. I know what you mean about not being so much an introvert anymore. Very odd sensation. 🙂 Although when I compare to actual extroverts, there’s still a distinct difference. Glad things are going well!


  3. I’ve strangely become more introverted as I’ve gotten older and taken on work that occurs in more public spheres… or, perhaps, I’ve stayed at the same level but just have a deeper understanding of the moments that I can be introverted, and how very important they are to me!


  4. I’m so glad you posted this. In addition to feeling like I was catching up with you, I thought to myself, “If he could post with all that going on, I could get back on the posting horse.” So thanks! 🙂


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