If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Banned Book Week Edition)

. . .  I’d tell you I’m optimistic that I’m on my way back to blogging more regularly. We’ve got the Feminist Friday gender inequality discussions back under way, and I was even able to squeeze in a post for Banned Book Week at Sourcerer on Thursday. Speaking of which, my friend Hannah, who runs the blog Things Matter, pulled together a well-attended blog party this week. You should check out her Banned Book Week post and take a look at some of the posts she’s reblogged. It’s quite an impressive compendium.

. . . I’d tell you I believe my workload has leveled off and should stay that way for about six weeks. I am hoping to get a good run of blogging in before things pick back up again. And I’m going on (a much needed) vacation the week of Halloween. Leaving the Wednesday before and not coming back until the Tuesday after, so I’m trying to figure out what to do with the blogs that week. Probably a lot of scheduled music and photo features, is what I’m thinking.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

. . . I’d tell you, too, that I’m thinking about recruiting a new contributor for Sourcerer if I can find someone who’s game for it. Ideally I’d want someone I could trust with access to load their own posts, they’d write about one general area of pop culture, and I’d guarantee them the Monday morning posting slot through the end of January. The Monday morning slot is, I believe, the best slot for organic traffic, and we’re not getting what we should out of it because of the way the schedules for our other features work. I’m also thinking about redesigning Sourcerer — keeping the art but going to a theme with a magazine layout.

. . . And I’d share with you my plan for the next set of pages for the “Collected Works” section here. We’ve generated a ton of series since the last time I built pages. Here’s a list of the pages I want.

I also have the A to Z challenge worked out for both Sourcerer and Just Gene’O, and I am hoping we can do that challenge with both blogs in April.

survivor-atoz [2014]

Survivor badge by Jeremy of Being Retro

. . . Finally, I’d tell you this is the first Saturday in weeks that I’ve been up early and free all day. I’ll spend the morning working on posts, then bop over to Hannah’s and do the Social Saturday thing with some Banned Book posts. I’ll Tweet quite a few links this afternoon, and I’ll have a new Pinterest board to share tomorrow.

Happy Weekend, and as always, you’re welcome to drop a link to your coffee post on the thread.

8 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Banned Book Week Edition)

  1. Holy Crap!! … you have worked out your A-Z strategy for NEXT YEAR!!!! If we were having coffee, I’d be slouching in my chair right now feeling very inadequate 😉 I was winging it from day to day in April. Was hoping that strategy might still work for me 🙂


    • LOL, I had a theme picked out for every day, but by the end I was writing them as I went. I don’t have the specific topics for each letter picked out yet, but I do have post formats and general themes for each blog.

      Last year I got started a little late, and I didn’t know things like that people do the theme rollout on a specific week, so my timing was off from the beginning.

      Putting it together now, because I’m hoping to keep my eye out for the announcement and get good list placement this year. 😉


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