One More #SundayBlogShare Post

I hadn’t intended to post again before I take off on vacation, but this can’t wait. #SundayBlogShare is a smashing success. We’ve no way of knowing how much of it is because of my promotion, but the difference between this week and last is pretty astounding. We’ve rapidly taken this thing from an idea to something a lot of bloggers do, and I’m happy to have helped it along.

Image via Suzie81's Blog, 2014.

Image via Suzie81’s Blog, 2014.

The fact that Suzie had to warn people off that hashtag and I blocked an account for spamming it says we definitely got the word out. Attention-seekers only show up when they think there is attention to be had. Dealing with that is unavoidable. It comes with having a well-known hashtag. This is why I’m done with the heavy promotion for now and just turning bloggers on to it in ones and twos.

Every blogger who is paying attention to me knows about this hashtag, knows that using it appropriately is part of my game now, and knows I am fully behind it. Those of you who like it know to share it with other bloggers. More heavy promotion from me will do nothing but attract everyone else in my Twitter following. If it were my hashtag, I wouldn’t do more heavy promotion for at least a couple of months. Since it’s Suzie’s, I won’t do it again without talking to her first.

Since #SundayBlogShare is not mine, I don’t make rules. Suzie has the rules. I dislike being the one to make them, anyway. And far be it from me to tell anyone how to use their own Twitter accounts. But I will give you a list of behaviors I approve and disapprove of. What makes me smile and what makes me frown.

Diabolo III free wallpaper from

Diabolo III free wallpaper from

@Sourcererblog blocked an account for spamming #SundayBlogShare this week because their tweets were interfering with my ability to communicate with people. @justgeneo is still watching to see if they do it again next week. If they do, I’ll report them.

Whomever runs that account now has zero opportunity to find out what an awesome human being I am, nor to be introduced to the bloggers I tweet with. That’s unfortunate. I’m an open sort of dude, and I don’t just talk to bloggers. Sourcerer does not block very many people outright, but we all have our limits. Spamming a feed while I am working it is just about the worst thing you can do if you want to be friends with me. So here’s what I’m doing on #SundayBlogShare.

Things that make me smile.

  • Actual bloggers sharing links to actual blog posts. This is the whole purpose of #SundayBlogShare. To do that and use it as a way to meet other bloggers.
  • Bloggers sharing the hashtag with other bloggers.
  • Bloggers using the hashtag to thank one another for retweeting #SundayBlogShare links and (judiciously) talk about how the day is going.

Things that make me frown.

  • People I’ve never heard of sharing images, sharing links to commercial websites, or pimping their YouTube channels with no blog post in sight. I can let one error slide, and it’s not my job to warn people off. But if I see Suzie give a warning and they continue to use the hashtag, I’m looking to see if this is someone I am following. If so, they get unfollowed and muted.
  • Posting the same link ten or more times one minute apart to the hashtag. This is actual spamming behavior as defined by Twitter.
  • The bloggers in my circle would never do this. But it doesn’t matter if the link is to a blog post or not. One time ensures I will never interact with that account. Twice gets the account reported for spamming and blocked.
  • As much as I try to treat all bloggers as equal, I must say. If you have a wedding planning service and you’re using your blog as a marketing tool, it’s not in your commercial best interest to spam #SundayBlogShare with your marketing. You gain nothing by it, and you lose a ton of bloggers who might be interested if you weren’t spamming their favorite hashtag on the one day of the week when they are using it to meet other bloggers.

It makes me happy that I can only identify two behaviors that make me frown, even though the second one required three bullet points to address. And really, the fact that I am writing this today means a damn lot of bloggers must know about #SundayBlogShare. Which is good for all of us.

I want #SundayBlogShare to be a safe, friendly hashtag where bloggers can share links and meet other bloggers every Sunday. It’s had my full support from day one, and it still does. Here’s how I am supporting it.

  • Sharing a few links on Sundays when my schedule permits. Maybe one of mine, a couple for Sourcerer contributors, a couple for friends from the larger blogosphere, and one of the Monster’s. My own links are shared hours apart.
  • Looking at bloggers who share links there and following them. Since I only unfollow people who land at the bottom of my unfollowers list, that means they get a follower for at least a few weeks. Forever if they follow back, whether they ever actually tweet with me or not.
  • Replying to tweets and meeting other bloggers who are already following me but who I have never talked to.
  • Not liking, favoriting, replying to, or retweeting anything except that list of things that make me smile.
  • Unfollowing anyone who spams the hashtag once (if I happen to be following) and reporting them if they do it a second time.

I know no one who actually reads this would do that stuff. I am posting because I hope that sharing how I deal with it will help you develop your own ways of dealing with it. #SundayBlogShare looks like a solid, long-term proposition to me. It’s going to get invaded from time to time. This is how you deal with invasions.

I’m impressed by what I was able to accomplish this week with a couple of very modest blogs, a Twitter following of about 4K, and a lot of help from my friends.

Imagine the things we can do together when we’ve all known one another for two years instead of one. When I have a sweet pop culture blog posting twice a day eight months out of the year, a Twitter following of 10K+, twice as many friends in the blogosphere, and a useful presence on a third network.

I’ve hoisted the flag.

Arrr, Mateys!

Arrr, Mateys!

No turning back now. Not for me.


Thanks, Write On, Sisters!,  (@tweetonsisters) for turning out your numbers for #SundayBlogShare. I see what a mighty swarm you are. Almost no one else does. That is to our advantage 🙂 The way you are distributed across several time zones is also an advantage, though I am sure it does not feel like one. Let’s stick together and see what next year brings, shall we?

See you next week.

If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Vacation Edition)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you vacation week is upon me. On Monday, the office will be left neat and tidy with everything done. On Tuesday the suitcases will be packed. On Wednesday, the little dude, who is six, gets the surpise of his life when we pick him up from school. I’ll be out of town all next week and return next Tuesday.

The Little Dude having some fun. Creative Commons license rescinded for this one!

The Little Dude having some fun.

He knows where we are going, and he knows we’re going before his next birthday. He’s been loading up his piggy bank with the fastidiousness of a doomsday prepper for six months. But he has no idea we are going for Halloween. (There is a certain Mouse involved in all of this, so you can imagine what the ten-hour drive is going to be like, hee hee).

I would tell you even though I wanted to roll out a new set of About pages today, I did not get around to it. The text is written, but pages take time, and these next pages must be perfect. They are the new foundation of this project Diana and I have invested the last year in. I made a decision early in the week to promote #SundayBlogShare instead of building the pages. That was totally the right decision, and I will talk about #SundayBlogShare in a minute. But first, my new tagline bears a little discussion.

A blog for bloggers, with Weekend Coffee

  • “A blog for bloggers” is not a blog about blogging. Though I will share what I know about blogging here from time to time.
  • This blog is dedicated to finding interesting things for bloggers to do together and offering them the opportunities. That won’t happen every week, but given the number of bloggers I know, I think it will happen often enough to be worthwhile.
  • “with Weekend Coffee” is there because the Saturday Coffee post is the only one I can reliably deliver here for the next few months. Basically, I post here on Saturdays and that’s it unless I am promoting a blogging event or reblogging my friends.
  • The two phrases are a nice mix. It’s a friendly tagline. Welcoming to bloggers. I want it to send the message that all bloggers are welcome, here, not matter what they blog about.I believe I have finally nailed it.

    Getty stock image.

    Getty stock image.

I would tell you I’ll get those About pages up in a couple of weeks and give them a proper announcement, but right this second, I need to talk about #SundayBlogShare.

I won’t rehash the whole story of how I stumbled upon it in my WordPress reader last Sunday, tweeted it to 20 bloggers, and by the end of the day I’d played some small part in it becoming a regular thing. Nor how I spent the better part of a week seeing how many people I could share it with.

I’ll just tell you it’s been a good week. The Follow Friday went so well, I am writing a post about it at some point. Lots of introductions were made yesterday, and that is a good thing. I am glad I threw in on this one.

I’m looking forward to an awesome day of link sharing tomorrow. Thank you, Suzie, for dreaming this up at just the right moment, and for the reasonable rules.

That’s all I have today. This seems unfinished, but I am done.

Conrad, you are a prince.

#FollowFriday Tweets for #SundayBlogshare Here.

I’m posting these here to make them easy to find. If you tweet, you are welcome to come and play. If not, have a superb Friday, and look for my weekeend coffee post here tomorrow 🙂