These are not the droids you’re looking for . . .

. . . if you haven’t heard by now, sci-fi author and blogger extraordinaire Luther M. Siler is now a Sourcerer contributor.

I have a bit of free time over the next few days. Sadly, it is not infinite. I have to spend most of it getting us set up for 2015, but I will to spend some of it running amok on the social media. Read on!

Diabolo III free wallpaper from

Diabolo III free wallpaper from

I’m doing a massive Follow Friday on Twitter tomorrow. I’ve got 1,000+ new followers and not many of the new ones are interacting. I’m introducing those of you who do interact with me to those 1,000 followers. With hashtags that adequately, and possibly even accurately, reflect your interests. We’ll just see what happens. Maybe some of you will find a few new people to tweet with. And be warned. There’s a damn lot of you. If I leave you out it’s not because I forgot about you. It’s because there are only so many keystrokes in a day.

If you have regular readers or friends on Twitter and you aren’t sure if they know me, this weekend is a good time to include them in a #FF tweet with @Sourcererblog. Everyone included in such a tweet gets a look from me over the weekend and a chance at a follow. If I am following them already and they are following me back, they get an appropriate list add.

Also. I have changed the way I Facebook, and I am cooking up an activity for bloggers with Facebook pages for the weekend. It’s still a half-baked idea at this point, and I may not figure it out in time. But I think I will. I have a whole day to work on it. You don’t want to miss the coffee post on Saturday.

We’re wrapping up the Feminist Friday Project for 2014 at Part Time Monster this week. Last chance to join in that discussion until January. The Follow Friday on Twitter and the Feminist Friday thread at the monster are the only two things I am doing on the public media tomorrow.

This blog has new blavatar.


Make of it what you will. I’ll explain the significance at some point. In the meantime, it is a powerful image and it’s working for me.

9 thoughts on “These are not the droids you’re looking for . . .

  1. Aye Matey! 🙂 (I don’t know why, but Metallica’s version of Whiskey In The jar popped in my mind, along with a completely unrelated quote: “I’ve got a jar of dirt.” A great mid-morning smile inducer. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m on fall break but the kid’s not, so have the morning free. Not sure if you’ll see anyone you don’t know in my follow fridays or not, but everyone who gets one will be a blogger I’ve read and tweeted with for months.


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