Weekend Music: Don’t Stop Me Now!

Aside from the fact that it’s Queen, I chose it because Will’s Doctor Who review at Sourcerer features a cover by Foxes and they make for an interesting comparison.

I’m doing an impromptu meetup on my Facebook fanpage this weekend. Drop one link, visit one link. It’s that simple, there are no other rules. It’s all honor system, but you’re encouraged to visit more than one and to comment while you are there, of course 🙂 I’ll talk about it tomorrow in my coffee post and we’ll see where it goes, but if you want to go ahead and drop a link to your blog or fanpage (not both, pleaze) on my Facebook thread, and visit one of the blog links there, have at it!

Feminist Fridays wrap up for the year at Part Time Monster today with a post by me. Last chance to comment on one of our Feminist Friday threads until 2015.



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