Two things for you bloggers who tweet.

  1. Announcing my #FollowFridays right this minute.
  2. Explaining why.

I did a massive Follow Friday for a lot of bloggers last week with Luther’s help. I can’t do that every week. It’s too much work and I can’t afford to come across as spammy. That doesn’t mean I can’t do Follow Fridays at all, though 😉

Image via Suzie81's Blog, 2014.

Image via Suzie81’s Blog, 2014.

This week, I’ll do exactly two Follow Fridays on Twitter.

  • One for @Suzie81blog, written as a thank you for #SundayBlogShare. I’ll send it early and pin it to @Sourcererblog‘s Twitter profile to make it easy for people to find. I blog on U.S. Eastern Time.
  • Another one a few minutes later, written as a reminder about #SundayBlogShare, to @parttimemonster and others.

I am announcing this in advance and I am only sending two because I want to see how far these tweets spread. I chose Suzie for the first tweet because I want #SundayBlogShare to get the benefit if there’s any to be had. I chose Diana for the second because we tweet together incessantly. Her following is the one I can rely on the most to include a lot of alert bloggers and to recognize Sourcerer as the Monster’s partner.

I have no idea what the promotional value of this is for #SundayBlogShare, but if a few people join in, there’s a better-than-even chance I will learn something I don’t already know about the way information spreads on Twitter, and y’all know how good I am about sharing new tricks as I learn them.

So . . .

Arrr, Mateys!

Arrr, Mateys!

If you enjoy social media mischief as much as I do, or if you like #SundayBlogShare and want to raise its profile, I’m giving you two tweets to work with on Friday. I’ve also handed you a template, just in case you want to do this with a few of your tweeps. You don’t have to wait on me or tweet with me to get it rolling. Just send a few other bloggers who might apprecate it a #FollowFriday (#FF) and include #SundayBlogShare.

You know how everyone retweets Follow Fridays. Do it whenever you like, wherever you are, on Friday. This is a gift, bloggers! #Bloglove 😉

I work most of the day on Fridays. I’ll send my tweets and then come back once I am done with the job and check to see if anything cool happened.

I will retweet Follow Fridays generously from #SundayBlogShare with both my accounts once I’m done with work, and by mobile during the day if my schedule permits.

EDIT: I’m only doing this as part of the Follow Friday routine one time, and after I send my two tweets, I’m not personally tweeting anything else to that hashtag until Sunday except in replies and conversations with people I’ve tweeted with for a while who I am sure will be interested. I’m pretty much tweeting it to bloggers who follow me during the week and then clearing off on Saturday to give it time to settle before the link sharing starts.

7 thoughts on “Two things for you bloggers who tweet.

    • I’m just curious to see if anyone buys in and how far this spreads from my tiny blog in the next three days, and I have permission to run with this hashtag during the week as long as it’s about telling bloggers it exists.;-) Since it only took me 10 minutes to write the post, I figured it’s worth a shot. I’m only tagging people I’ve blogged or tweeted with for a while with it, of course 🙂

      Once I send those two tweets, I’m going to get off that hashtag until Sunday and watch.

      Liked by 1 person

    • YVW! Probably only about 50 people are going to actually read the post, but lots of people who tweet with me now know about this hastag. I figure if a few retweet me and a couple join in, that’ll be worth the effort. Then I can just tell people in ones and twos and mention it now and then on the blogs. 😉

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    • Indeed. And quite a hump it was, at least for me. The more buzz, the better at this stage. I’m only doing the Follow Friday once because what this is really about is finding the bloggers in my network who enjoy link parties.

      Can’t do it too much because that risks Suzie’s hashag getting saturated by Follow Fridays every weekend, and it’s her project so her call. But this is good for a laugh, one time won’t hurt, and I will be sure the friends who are actually following along with my started-from-scratch conspiracy to take over the Internet will know about #SundayBlogShare when we are done.

      Also will have some new info about the reach of this fledgling but super-enagaged social network that me and my sister just spent the last year of our lives forming, even if I am disappointed by the result. And that will be good for everyone because I am all about sharing some love whether my peeps buy in or not. When they don’t, I keep sharing the love, sincerely, and analyze what just happened 🙂

      I am glad you and Suzie both like this. My one concern was that I was overstepping because I don’t know either of you very well.


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