#FollowFriday Tweets for #SundayBlogshare Here.

I’m posting these here to make them easy to find. If you tweet, you are welcome to come and play. If not, have a superb Friday, and look for my weekeend coffee post here tomorrow 🙂


11 thoughts on “#FollowFriday Tweets for #SundayBlogshare Here.

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    • You’re welcome, and that is good info to know! It’s surprising, sort of. My following is not that big, and I’m not interacting with many more people than I was when I was at 1500 followers. But. Lots of bloggers. 90 percent of the people I actually tweet with are bloggers. if I’d had to guess, would have thought that tweet was good for maybe 10 or 15 followers for you.

      Two bloggers I don’t know at all did their own versions of my thank you to Suzie, I introduced some writer friends to one another, and @Winewankers tweeted that hashtag to 80K followers about an hour ago.

      I am very pleased with the way things went today. Seems like a win for everyone.


            • hee hee. Was just reading your blog.

              I mostly just keep up with my active collaborators and frequent commenters. That’s about as much as I can handle. My own sister has to send me links when she wants to be sure I saw something. Twitter is a godsend. Allows me to keep up with hundreds of the actual people without loading up hundreds of pages every week.

              Page loading is the bottleneck for me.


              • I’m doing my best to expand what I read, but like you, I’m on here to write. Writing keeps me very busy, but I always carve out some time in the day to read other blogs and then share them on Twitter…

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                • I’d love to say I carved out time every single day to read blogs, but sadly, no. Conducting a little orchestra. Tons of my time is spent in chat, groups and answering email. With bloggers, of course. Typically if I do read something, I share it somewhere. Because I am already on the page, and the button is just right there. I’m big on sharing.


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