If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Empathy Edition)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I’m finally feeling better after all the sickness. I had a great Thanksgiving holiday with the family, and I am starting to get my social media back on track. School will be out for Christmas in a couple of weeks, and I’m looking forward to getting a lot of writing done over the break for what will hopefully be an awesome run of blogging next year.

And I would tell you about a conversation I had with my grandson recently. He opened a fund-raising letter from a children’s hospital because it was in holiday envelope and he thought it might be a Christmas card.

Grandson (he’s only six): It says here we can give them

some money to help sick kids feel better.

Me (looking at the letter): Did you just read all that?

Grandson: No, but look at the picture. And the dollar thingies at the bottom. We should give them some money.

Me: Well, it says we can send them $15. What if you give them five of yours, I give them five of mine, and your Grandma gives them five of hers? That will make $15.

Grandson: Yes. Let’s do that.

Me (totally testing to see what kind of response I get): You know it’s almost Christmas, and that will be 15 less dollars we have to spend for Christmas.

Grandson (looks at me as though I am a creepy space alien who has suddenly replaced his grandfather): You KNOW helping sick kids feel better is way more important than Christmas.

I was so proud of that reaction I got a little misty-eyed over it. I’m sure I am making tons of grandparenting mistakes with the little fella, but I think I’m ok in the teaching-of-empathy department.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I would tell you, speaking of empathy, that I’m very dismayed by the goings-on in Ferguson and by some things I’ve seen coming out of Cleveland this week. And the more I read about it all, the more hopeless and powerless I feel to do anything about it. American society is just too violent for me, there’s too much inequality, and the legal system doesn’t work well enough. I know it will never be perfect and it’s silly to expect that, but still. It could be a lot better. I appreciate the kindness and support of all you bloggers who took the time to comment on my #Ferguson post this week.

And I would remind you that if you’re looking for ways to meet bloggers, #ArchiveDay is going on on Twitter right now. Share a link to an old post, visit one or two you like, retweet things you find interesting, and use the activity to meet bloggers, is how that works. There’s also a Weekend Blog Hop at Single Mother Ahoy! I did the hop last week and met a couple of nice bloggers.

I’d tell you, too, that I am guest hosting #SundayBlogShare on Twitter tomorrow and I’m thrilled to do it, but a little nervous about it. I’ve moderated threads before, and I know all I have to do is be generous with retweets, talk to folks, and send out a few promotional tweets. Even so, I’ve never hosted anything as big as #SundayBlogShare and I don’t want to screw it up. You can find the rules for the #SundayBlogShare hashtag and a link to creator Suzie81’s blog here, and you are welcome to join in if you are so inclined.

Then I would ask how things are going for you, and what your plans are for the holidays.

A Follow Friday for My Friend Hannah

I intended to post an info dump with a bunch of links to blogs and other articles on the Ferguson, Missouri situation today, but I had a chaotic morning and didn’t get it together. So I’m just going to do something nice for another blogger right this second, and I’ll get that post together as soon as I am able.

Hannah Givens of Things Matter just joined us on Twitter after a long absence over there, so I am giving her my one and only Follow Friday today. You can find her @HannahEGivens. I’m hoping that by only sending the one, and including the link to her blog, I can find Hannah a reader or two and a few blogger-friendly Tweeps. Here’s the Follow Friday tweet for your convenience. This is the corrected version, because the first one I sent was riddled with typos.

I discovered Hannah’s blog not long after I started here. I left her a few comments, we hit it off, and we’ve since become friends. She’s collaborated with Therefore I Geek on an editorial recently, and had an awesome guest blog at Comparative Geeks earlier this week.

Hannah’s friendly, she’s funny, and she comes up with some awesome ideas and posts. If you are looking to meet bloggers who are just plain cool and make an effort to answer comments when you leave them, you should check out Things Matter.

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