For you, PartTimeMonster, on your One-Year WordPress Anniversary :-)

It’s hard to believe this happened a year ago. I scheduled this for you on Monday before I left for Florida. Right after I wrapped up the #SundayBlogShare madness. While I was supposed to be writing this Doctor Who review which ended up running a day late. I nominate you for the “I Survived My First Year of Blogging Award.” If you know anyone who’s celebrated their first year recently, or is about to, do pass it on. No other rules except nominate them and tell them “Happy Birthday.”

Going on about how great we’ve done will have to wait until my own blogiversary. The rest of this is unsolicited advice.

  • No more anxiety about posting every day. Our friends will stick with us unless we formally withdraw.
  • We need to post as often as we can, but as long as we remain present enough on the blogs for people to be sure we’re still in the game, and as long as I keep Tweeting, our readers will stick with us through the winter.
  • We’ve accomplished the three goals we needed to accomplish this year to continue: 1) Make Sourcerer viable. (Be sure to thank Jeremy, David, Luther, and Will for that!), 2) Establish a real presence on another network (um, @Sourcererblog), and 3) build a deep network. (Our network is small, but the depth is a little scary. When we talk, people don’t just listen. They answer.)
  • Think about spring. Write ahead. Don’t publish just to publish.
  • Support our friends when you see a way to do it. Make introductions.
  • Recruit contributors and be smart about when you debut them. Contributors only get one debut, and I believe I have demonstrated the value of the week-long promotion.
  • Once I’m done with vacation and get the ol’ job squared away, we’ll have a public discussion about where to go with the Feminist Fridays and everyone will be invited to join in.

  • On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, my personal social media will go dark and I will not be back until I’ve cropped, tagged, categorized, and watermarked 600 of my original images for next year’s run. That’s right. I said 600. And Sourcerer’s contributors will continue to post while I do that.
  • Once that’s done, we get serious about planning A to Z and I start writing for 2015.
  • Think about what suffix you’d like to use when we remove the wordpress domain from our addresses. I am not using .com for either of my blogs, but it might be appropriate for you. Time to spend that little bit of money so we can put the blogs on a double-sided business card and use #SundayBlogShare to make personal introductions.
  • For the love of all that is good and holy, keep pinning the world domination humor and the Feminism images.
  • No new long-term projects. We have two viable ones and we need to focus on doing them right next year.

You are the most awesome sister in the whole multiverse, you beautiful creature. Let’s keep blogging.

7 thoughts on “For you, PartTimeMonster, on your One-Year WordPress Anniversary :-)

  1. Happy Anniversary PTM! I love how y’all collaborate on here. I may take some of these ideas for myself, but I will definitely concur with the first point: your actual readers, those that contribute and interact, will be here whenever you are. Blog numbers can be misleading, but you know who those people are for sure.

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