Weekend Music, and Another Networking Note.

I’ve blogged this music before, but never the video. The animation is to die for, lol. Lots of themes interacting in complex ways there, and the best part is the end. The assassins kill the footsoldiers because that is the way to win the battle. Once they win, they turn their backs and leave the commanding officer to the mob. Maybe it’s right. Maybe it’s wrong. Decide for yourself. Either way, it’s a cool video. Society requires rigid rules, but culture thrives on ambiguity. Society and culture are not the same thing.

Facebook is my big social media project for this year. It’s decided, and I have a post at Sourcerer today in which I explain what I am doing and offer you the opportunity to join me.

I had a lot more to say about it today, but decided against it because It’s not a good idea to ask you to read a big post here and then click a link. I’d rather you just click it, and pay attention to the bloggers I’ve included at the end of the post.


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