Phase One Is Complete

Alrighty. I’ve done what I needed to do on Facebook, and thanks to everyone for your comments and shares this weekend. I’ve made a few friends and connected a few people. From here on out, I build it slowly and deliberately, just like I did with my Twitter account.

I won’t be linking directly to my Facebook account on the blogs any more for awhile, but I am very easy to find over there and I will keep reaching out to people I want to be friends with. Here’s how I work going forward.

Share a link of my own in a group, visit a blog link when I do, chatter on threads, and make friends in ones and twos.

  • Post one, or sometimes two blog-related things on my timeline on most days and try to get people chattering.
  • Occasionally connect friends with friends, when it makes sense and there’s enough trust all around.
  • Hope I can get the activity up enough for people who want to meet one another to do so. On my timeline.

And that’s it. I’m bumping the coffee post off the front page with a couple of easy posts in the next few hours, and not because I’ve had any problems. It’s all been positive so far, but I’ve got what I need to be satisfied, let this thing run, and see where it goes.

7 thoughts on “Phase One Is Complete

    • When we first started, we did a debut, and I used that clip in a thank you to all our friends who showed up for it.

      A word or two about the way I do this motivational collaborational sort of stuff. If you’ll notice, I’ve been telling a little story from the moment I started talking about Facebook on the blogs. This is the end, but it leaves the possibility open for a sequel.

      Before I even bothered to write the story, I went out for support to see if it was worth the try. Five or six bloggers gave it a thumbs up and no one advised against. So I did it, and it’s totally been worth it.


      • I love it when a plan comes together (I know, I have an obsession with quoting tv slogans!). I’m really glad you found it worthwhile. It sounds as though you’ve had your hands full, and it’s never easy recovering from an illness. One of my favourite things about blogging is collaboration so, for me, though it’s just the beginning, I’m really excited about it all 🙂

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