Welcome to the New Age.

The level of engagement on my Facebook timeline ticked up a bit yesterday. I take that as a sign I’m moving in the right direction.

I am seeing blog pages in my main news feed I haven’t seen in months, and Facebook is curious to know why I’ve unfollowed every public personality and media outlet that’s crossed my feed in the last 48 hours except Neil Gaiman, David Mack, and Gangstagrass.

LOL. They ask me every time I unfollow. I don’t tell them.

Bullet points.

  • I’ve removed the link to my Facebook account from the Saturday Coffee post.
  • That post got some serious #SundayBlogShare retweet juice, and I can’t have a post with a link to my Facebook profile in it bouncing around on Twitter a week from now. That’s too daring, even for me.
  • I’m easy to find over there, and I am approachable. Talk to me on the Internet long enough to earn my trust. That’s all it takes.
  • I almost posted this at Sourcerer, but the time for playing these games at that blog is done.
  • I’ll still do the blogwanking and post conspiratorial-type stuff over there when I want to be sure EVERYONE sees. But this is where you come to learn about my evil schemes.

I play the world domination for laughs, but this jolly roger is serious business.

Arrr, Mateys!

Public Domain image. Just Google “Emanuel Wynne.”

When you see it embedded in a post, you can be sure I am up to something. And everyone who knows me will tell you, mateys. I don’t raise my banner lightly. 😉

Happy Blogging! See you for coffee on Saturday. (David, the video is totally for you!)

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the New Age.

  1. I’m here from Bloppies. I’m a terrible Bloppy, but I love Julie, so I try. I’ve just spent the last hour unfriending people who haven’t been my friends in years. It’s freeing. I also think I’ll go unlike some pages. Wow! You’ve inspired me.


    • Thanks! I’ve not been a member of that group for long, so just starting to meet a few people.

      I found it liberating, too. I didn’t unfollow very many people, but clamped my privacy settings down tight and hid the few family photos I’ve posted since I started there a year ago. Did it so I can be friends with bloggers and share blogs every single day without annoying people or having drama on my threads.

      Now I’m experimenting to see what sort of things my peeps like. Hoping to eventually build a busy timeline and have enough blogger friends that a share from me is worth something when I pick just the right thing. In the early, early stages, but I really do think I am on the right track.


  2. You know, just a thought but Face Book is much better at blocking people you don’t like than Twitter is. In Twitter when you block someone it does not them from seeing your timeline or tweeting at you, although they can’t follow you.

    On facebook if you have had to make that agressive move of actually blocking somone not just un-friending them, they can’t see you or even look for your profile… unless they create a fake Face-book account. ….

    As to world domination … 😉 I await to see your banner raised….

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    • I agree, but Facebook is trickier because it’s so hard to know who can possibly see which things. At least with Twitter, you know you don’t have any real expectation of privacy. Facebook is a tricky beast.


  3. My son got me into Imagine Dragons, finally.

    Serins is right about blocking on Twitter vs . Facebook, but I get what you mean too. If anything, that makes me madder at Twitter because i hate seeing the names of people I have blocked due to mutual friends/interests/blogs/etc. Plus, Twitter likes to randomly unblock people on my list too. Lots of fun there…


    • I had no idea it would randomly unblock people. I do know it has a following glitch and sometimes will drop people you follow. We’ve had that problem of blocked people still appearing in our feeds before.


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