A Few Notes and a Blogging Question

This  is a  working weekend, so I won’t be around on the Twitter and Facebook very much. I will have a coffee post, do a few Facebook shares, and be around for #SundayBlogShare, but otherwise, I’m backstage. Here’s what I’m doing.

© 2014.

photo by Gene’O, 2014

  • Reconfiguring work space to make my online rambling easier to manage.
  • Redesigning Sourcerer. The feedback on the new design was all positive, and I don’t think I can do better, so I’m going with it. Thanks to everyone who offered comments.
  • The redesign is the next thing because I am ready to start announcing new contributors, but I want to get the blog right before I do that.
  • Continuing my never-ending effort to get photos ready to start sharing again.

The questions.

I’ve got to remove the wordpress.com domain from this address. Has anyone been through that with a free wordpress blog? Was it seamless, or did it create problems?

I am not talking about moving to wordpress.org. Just changing the public URL to a proper web address.

Here is why I need to know. I stopped sharing photos because I need every photo I share from here on out to be watermarked. Everything here is under a Creative Commons License, and photos are easy to copy and rename anyway. I also post photos at other blogs.The watermark makes it more difficult for my photos to be used without credit, and increases the visibility of my blog. It’s vital.

photo by Gene'O, 2014

photo by Gene’O, 2014

I don’t want the WordPress domain in my watermark and I am desperate to get the photos flowing again. I don’t just need them to fill in on the off-days at the blogs at this point. I need to be sharing one photo a day on Facebook and Twitter and get re-connected to my photoblogging friends.This is especially important to my Facebook plan, and I’ll explain why in a post at some point.

Happy Blogging!


17 thoughts on “A Few Notes and a Blogging Question

  1. I have and it was seamless. Nothing changed but the name. I decided to do WordPress hosting this year since I’m a new blogger, and I didn’t feel like self-hosting yet + I didn’t want to lose the WP community. I have a blogging friend whose readership has died since going to WPorg.

    Cool thing is if your readers are still linked or type your wordpress.com address, it will redirect to your hosted site. I had no issue when I changed. You are actually keeping your WP.com site, they are just now redirecting you to your purchased domain name.Don’t get me wrong- WP hosting, it is needlessly expensive, but I didn’t feel like doing any of the blog upkeep or jet packs myself so it’s worth it to me.

    tl/dr version: The change over was super easy.

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    • Thanks! I’ve had friends who had various issues with WordPress.org, and I just know I am not ready to be self-hosted, anyway. I’ll get there.

      The domain is a bit expensive, but worth it to me at this point. I’ve not put any money into the blogging up to this point because I wanted to get through a year and see how I felt about it. So this will be the first investment of money for me, but probably not the last 🙂


      • I splurged and got the premium deal. It was worth it since I like adding videos, and I wanted increased space. I didn’t even realized I also got custom design with that. It is a more useful add on than I expected.

        I’m looking at it as spending money on something I enjoy. Blogging has kind of taken the place of a more expensive “hobby” I’ve ended so I won’t shake my fist at the price.

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  2. I had no problems at all when I dropped the wordpress.com part. Other than the new url, absolutely nothing changed, so that was nice. 🙂 And the old url still works, too, so you don’t have to worry about losing people because of that. 🙂

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    • I was thinking it worked that way, but wasn’t sure. I asked because I am suddenly very protective of both my blogs and the connection they give me to the people who read them. But I guess a spending a year building an archive and doing Internet stand-up will do that to a person. 🙂


  3. I made sure to match my domain name to the wordpress blog right when I was to open it, so it’s not the same case; but everything went very smoothly. Good luck with all your projects! I’m excited to see the redesign of Sourcerer! 🙂

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  4. I’ve heard it is no problem at all, going to and from or back again if you don’t want to renew it.

    I had a .org account on my previous blog. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz I’ll just pay here and put up with their “improvements”, though I haven’t sprung for the domain yet, just customized design.

    I probably need to look at the watermarking thing now that I am taking more pictures. Are you just using Photoshop or a different program?

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    • I use a program called GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation program. It gets you most of the same functions of photoshop. It’s a free download, and it”s maintained and updated like real software, but you have to grab the newer versions when you want to upgrade because they don’t push updates.

      It’s easy to us for cropping and scaling, which is mostly what I do, and I’ve had good results using it for more advanced graphics projects like mapping my fantasy world.

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  5. I bought my domain through WP.com and it was super easy. Literally nothing changed except for my URL.
    I should also probably think about watermarking. A lot of me REALLY doesn’t want to (I think it’s distracting from the photo) but I definitely understand the copyright issues.

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    • I’m hearing that this shouldn’t be a big deal, so good.

      I’m not a fan of watermarking, either, but it can be done without being too distracting. You just have to get the placement and the font right. My Twitter and photoblogging pal That Montreal Girl is good at watermarking.

      I’m not so worried about the intellectual property side of the copyright. Always more photos where the ones I have right now came from, and I publish them to be enjoyed. But on the other hand, if I’m offering the internet a stock photo every single day, I want credit in the form of my web address being shared, and not everyone credits.


    • I will just go ahead and confess that I know nothing about the purchasing of domains and such.

      I can buy the domain from namecheap.com and still have a WordPress.com blog?

      I looked at that namecheap site and decided to just ask you about it instead of digging into it. Seemed like the thing to do.


      • You can register your domain name through whoever you want and still point your WP site to it. You have to tell WP about it, I think, but I own something like a dozen different domain names right now so I needed to keep everything together.

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        • Arr. Thanks.

          And you are right about WordPress.com being a little opaque. There is a reason I never post anything I hope to sell here, have the personal blog under a creative commons license, and back up all content often.


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