Just Testing

Testing featured image rendering when publicizing to other networks. You can’t see the image because this theme doesn’t display the featured image on the front page.

2 thoughts on “Just Testing

  1. If it’s a black-background 2014 sparkler picture then the image shows up in Reader even if it’s not an option on your actual site. But then you probably already knew that. Nice pic by the way. 🙂


    • Thanks. I’m trying to figure out how Facebook chooses images and layout when we share links. I chose that Image because I know what happens when it’s embedded in a post and shared. I wanted to see what happens when it’s used as a featured image.

      Featured images don’t show up on the front page here. Their only function is to control the image that displays when the link is publicized or shared. I love that, because I can lay the post out any way I want, and still know exactly what my links are going to look like when they are shared.



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