The First 2015 To-Do List

I’m not posting any New Year’s resolutions on the blog. In fact, not making any. I’ll give you my first to-do list for 2015 instead. I make these from time to time, then once they’re done, I review them and see how well I did with prioritizing and estimating the time required to get it all done. Always looking to be more efficient. To work smarter, not harder, as they say.2015_free_wallpaperThis to-do list gets my blogs set up through January 19, and it is only so short because I have awesome contributors providing a lot of content for Sourcerer.

  1. Write a January preview/weekend music post to run at Sourcerer tomorrow. (Done. It took a couple of hours.)
  2. Write 4 contributor announcements to run early next week at Sourcerer. (These will be short, easy posts with similar formats. Should take three hours.)
  3. Crop and load the damn photos for January photoblogging, which I still haven’t gotten around to. (I really only need 12 new photos right this second. Two hours, and most of that time is in the loading and tagging.)
  4. Write a coffee post to run here Saturday (these never take more than an hour and a half from start to finish, and sometimes only 30 minutes).

And that is it. It gets me through the first two weeks of January, with the exception of a couple of coffee posts, and those can’t be written too far in advance, because they’re spontaneous and talk about how my week went. Writing Wisdom

Once all that is done I’ll be ready to draft a couple of Tolkien posts for Part Time Monster so we can get that series rolling again in the next couple of weeks. Then write a Feminist Friday post to run on Jan. 30. The Feminist Friday schedule as it stands right now is posted on the “Planning” menu.

So I THINK I am down to about 7 hours of work to clear my plate and be ready to write some serious literary analysis of Bilbo Baggins. We’ll see how it goes. I intended to do some of this yesterday afternoon, but decided to spend that time wishing a lot of my friends on Twitter a Happy New Year instead. That was fun, and it was time well-spent.

Now it’s time to disconnect from the social part of the media for a bit and set up the  next two weeks of blogging. Happy New Year!

4 thoughts on “The First 2015 To-Do List

    • The writing gets better with practice, and you do need to have a certain level of quality, but the writing is only one part of it. Blog design, post scheduling, and especially getting to know other bloggers are just as important as the writing, in my experience.

      Happy New Year!

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    • LOL. I actually have an image I found when I first started with that little bit of wisdom on a button, and I think it’s hilarious. I’ve lost the source for it and I wanted one of my own, so I made that meme. The Philosoraptor is just the best I could do in a hurry — what it really needs is a public domain photo of Einstein or some famous writer.

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