A Facebook Note

Sourcerer’s page is 9 likes away from having 100 followers. I know that’s not a big number, but it was stalled around 80 for most of last year, so I’m pleased that it’s picked up a few likes over the past couple of weeks. I’ll send out enough invitations to push it over the top later this month if I have to. For now, I am waiting to see how close it can get to 100 organically.

Diabolo III free wallpaper from hqwide.com.

Diabolo III free wallpaper from hqwide.com.

We’re publicizing links from three blogs to that page: This one, Sourcerer itself, and Part Time Monster. I am also doing my best to share at least a couple of links with good photos there every day.

Basically, I am sharing things for a very small group of friends on my timeline and using the pages for public posts.

The reason I’ve connected this blog to Sourcerer’s page is that I can only connect one Facebook account of my own to the blog. That’s the busiest page we have, so I think it’s the one that has the best chance of growing this year.

My Just Gene’O page is exclusively for manually sharing links and photos for bloggers from my Facebook feeds. It occurred to me to do this yesterday when I realized I had four things I wanted to share, but nowhere to share them because I’d posted both on my timeline and at Sourcerer within the last hour.

The reason I am displaying Sourcerer’s timeline on the sidebar rather than followers is so our readers can scroll through that feed from the blogs and interact on the page when they see things that interest them. I use other bloggers’ Twitter widgets to retweet things quite often. I figure there must be someone out there who might use the Facebook widget in a similar way.

If you have a page for your blog, I am happy to trade likes with you. I use pages to keep up with bloggers on Facebook who aren’t personal friends there. So, if you call my attention to your page and I see a lot of stuff there that I think my peeps might like, I’ll likely put it on a list and give it regular likes to get it into my main news feed. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks now, and it is working well.

I am also playing around with making some memes. Just getting started with that, and not all of them will be good. Here’s a silly one I created last night because my stepdaughter suggested that I need an #AmWriting meme. I don’t think this one’s a big winner, but I’ll share it here for your amusement anyway.

spongebob_amwriting_quickmeme_byGeneOThis is my last free day before I go back to work, so spending the afternoon putting as much blogging for the next two weeks together as possible. I have four new contributors to announce at Sourcerer on Monday an Tuesday. From there, we’ll build back up to the pace we blogged at there during the spring and summer. Here’s to an awesome 2015!

I’ll have a coffee post here next Saturday. Probably not much else before then.


11 thoughts on “A Facebook Note

  1. organic growth is all nice and good and so on… but yea, I gave your Sorcerer’s page a tiny push… sorry I could not resit, it is kind of my nature. 🙂

    As for pages on face book. I’ve got one because not everyone wants to friend a complete stranger on Face Book. I used to be one of those people before I started blogging. And while i love all the bloggers who read my blog I hope that someday non-bloggers would find something of value in my blog.

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    • Thanks! I gave my friend Hannah’s page a little push a week or so ago. 🙂 I’m kind of out of ammo for page like and friend suggestions right now. Don’t want to do that too much, because Facebook etiquette is so weird and alien to me.

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    • At some point, I will send you a bunch of page likes from other bloggers I am friends with. I sent my friend Hannah about 15 last week by recommending her page. I am saving my ammo for you, and you may get to 100 before I can do it. But one day I’ll send you a score or more. And I will tell you they are coming 😉

      Build social capital by sharing peoples’ stuff and talking to them. Spend it in the form of recommendations and collaboration proposals, is my game. I am a little low on Facebook capital at the moment. The connecting of 40 bloggers to my Facebook timeline last month was expensive, but it’s only January, lol.


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