And Then Something Awesome Happened

A story. I had a lull in my day yesterday and decided to browse the pop culture tag on my phone and look for some readers for Sourcerer. I discovered the very first post at For A Feminist, Anyway. It grabbed me. I looked at the post, realized it was the first ever, and loaded it up in my reader to look at the followers. Turns out I was the first, y’all! The very first!!!

I left a comment. Received a thoughtful, enthusiastic, and polite response. You can guess what I did next. Shared it, is what I did. Because you know I like some Feminism, and so do a few of my friends. Once I got an idea of what my friends thought of the post, I went ahead and shared it on Twitter. Here is the tweet for your convenience.

Now, let me just say. I understand Feminism pushes buttons for some people. I also understand this is a blogger I just met yesterday. But I’m interested, as of right now. She gets to take the shot. I’ve added her to my WordPress “Discovery” list. I am sharing her blog today because I value feminism, it is not every day that I get to be the very first follower at a new blog, and I am eager to see what she does next. (And the fact that she’s answering her comments doesn’t hurt a bit.)

That’s all I have to say about it. I have a long day at work today, and the first ever #WeekendCoffeeShare is almost upon us. But I’m paying attention to this blog, whether you see me liking and commenting over there or not.

That is all.

10 thoughts on “And Then Something Awesome Happened

  1. I loved getting to discover (yet another) promising new blog through you… and I also love how you have helped give this new blogger a bit of a boost by sharing her link — seeing the community appear in the comments on her post is awesome. I know what a difference that kind of interaction can make when you’re just starting out (or ever, really)
    Looking forward to the #weekendcoffeeshare!

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    • Yeah. When I went back a couple of hours after sharing that link and saw the first seven likes, it gave me the warm and fuzzies. And yeah. It can make a big difference. I remember who the first person to comment on my blog was, and I remember who the first person to find it in the newsfeeds and comment was, too. Still following and talking to them both.

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    • Thanks for reblogging this, Rose. And WordPress is offering me to follow you. WTF? I KNOW I followed you from this account ages ago. I remember tracking down ALL of your social media and a conversation we had when I did that. No way I manually unfollowed you from this account. Is WordPress playing Facebook games now?


      • I know, I just got a notification that Gene’O was following. I’m like “bwuh?” Anyway, you’re welcome, I’ll catch you online somewhere in the next week.

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        • Ok cool. I seriously was not following you on wordpress until 20 minutes ago, is why I you got that notification. But I know I followed you in the BeforeTime, and I would never unfollow you. It is puzzling. I am trying to figure out whether it is a bug or a corporate social engineering strategy.

          See you next week!


  2. I will never forget who first showed interest, giving me a break when I started my blog, almost one year ago exactly.
    Going to check out this blog you speak of…right now.


    • I will never forget, either.

      The first commenter, the first one I linked to, the first commenter that never heard of me until they found the blog because I tagged it right.

      Most of the people on the threads over there right now are friends of mine. I pulled out the stops a bit 🙂

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    • LOL, I know. Take a look at those two threads. Took me months to get just one thread that good, and I started with a partner.

      A bit like being struck by lightning, wouldn’t you say? I am hoping she’s just offline and busy, and communicates more with us a some point.

      That second post is pretty convincing. Thinking I did the right thing.

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