If We Were Having Coffee . . . #WeekendCoffeeShare Edition

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m glad Diana is back in the swing of blogging. I am even happier that she is up to some tricks. She has a linky at Part Time Monster for these coffee posts, and you can use the #WeekendCoffeeShare hashtag to share your coffee posts with other bloggers all weekend long.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I’d tell you I wanted to write a big, special post for the first link-up, but it turned into too much, so I ended up just going to bed and deciding to write a normal one. I am thinking about building some lists here and there to help me keep up with all you fabulous coffee bloggers, though, and I have a few other ideas as well.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I had a crazy-busy week at work, and I have several more of those in store. Classes start on Monday and my office re-opens to the public the week of the 19th. So my days have been full of scheduling, training, and sending tons of emails. Pretty soon I will move on to the public presentations and ten-hour office days.

This isn’t to say I don’t love the job. It’s the best one I’ve ever had and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it. I don’t discuss the specifics of my professional life on the blogs, but I will say this. I never have those moments where I have to stop and wonder whether what I am doing is important or not. My job matters every single day. This is the first one of those I’ve ever had.

robot_web_designer_depotI’d tell you my family is well. My grandson is adjusting nicely to school after the oh-so-short holiday break. We’ve not had much X-Box or reading time this week, because all my time has gone into getting the office going again and leveling these blogs off so they can run while I live a the office for a month.I joked on Facebook last night that I am taking the weekend to program my robot army to deliver the content for the next couple of weeks. Thank goodness for scheduled posting.

And I would tell you I don’t have time for a long chat today. I’ve got a ton of drafts to read and schedule, and I have to spend some time on Twitter today, too. So I hope next week is a good one for you. Join us at Part Time Monster for #WeekendCoffeeShare any time.

Mech Image via Web Designer Depot

11 thoughts on “If We Were Having Coffee . . . #WeekendCoffeeShare Edition

  1. I’d be thankful you took time out of your busy schedule to share your time with us. I’d also tell you how excited I am about the weekend coffee share and that Diana has done an excellent job of organising it so we can all meet in one place. I’d maybe ask a few questions about blog scheduling because I can never get that right, and though I’m genuinely interested, I’d readily admit I work better if I don’t plan too far ahead. Having said that, I can totally get behind the concept of a robot army! Enjoy the rest of your weekend 🙂

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  2. I’d thank for taking the time to have coffee with me while I sip my hot chocolate and I’d tell you that I’m impressed with myself for going from 1600 words on paper to 2432 words in one go last night on the computer.

    I’d tell you that I have found that I can’t write if my wife is sitting next to me and that knowing that might help me write more.

    I’d tell you that I miss my kids, who have been with their father for a week now, and it feels like way more and they’re not back until the 25th. Miss10 did message me on Viber on Thursday for a bit so that was good.

    I’d tell you that I dreamed my mum arrived for a visit and she was very grumpy, which made me realise that she is coming to visit in about a month and we better do something about the state of the house or she will be grumpy for real…

    Then I’d go home to watch the cricket because it’s something to watch until rugby comes back.

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    • Wow. 2400+! Nice!

      I used to require absolute solitude to write. I’ve learned to tune things out, but I can’t really do it with anyone sitting right next to me.

      I’m very happy you stopped by!

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      • I just looked in my notebook and the original 1600 were written in 4 separate sessions and one partial rewrite once I’d decided to go with the bus. But now of course there’s another plot bus that wants to be written… *sigh*

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  3. Thanks for sharing this with all of us! I’m happy to be able to join and write. Whew. I needed that.

    Try not to have too much fun with those robot armies though, mmkay? =)

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    • We do them on Saturdays. Some people do them on Sundays, and a few do them during the week, but mostly they are a weekend thing. Basically, publish one any time, and the linkup will be there for you to share it on from Saturday morning through Sunday night. And tea drinkers are welcome 🙂


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