Feminist Friday Spring Schedule

We’ve got seven Feminist Friday posts coming on six blogs over the next seven weeks. We were going to do an eight-week run, but #1000Speak happened. We’re keeping this first round for 2015 in-house, but we are set. And we’ll start it up again after A to Z is over.

Click “Continue Reading” for the schedule.

These are front-page links and twitter handles of the bloggers who will be hosting during the first round.

January 30 — Gene’O (@Sourcererblog) at Part Time Monster Here’s the post!

February 6 — Sabina at Victim to Charm (@VictimToCharm) Here’s the post!

February 13 — LM at The Lobster Dance (@odorunara ) Here’s the post!

February 20 — Off-week because at least four of us are writing for 1000 Voices Speak for Compassion on this Friday and I am spending all afternoon retweeting from #1000Speak.

February 27 — Hannah G. at Things Matter (@HannahEGivens) Here’s the post!

March 6 — Diana at Part Time Monster (@parttimemonster) Here’s the post!

March 13 — Gretchen at Drifting Through My Open Mind (@gkelly73) Here’s the post!

March 20: Spring wrap-Up Post, by me right here.

The basic idea of this project is that one of us writes the post, and we get as many people as we can to read it and join in a conversation.

24 thoughts on “Feminist Friday Spring Schedule

    • Glad to hear! and so sorry I am just now answering this. I pinned it to the top of the page today so people could find the schedule easily, and was just reviewing the thread.


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    • You are officially penciled. I was expecting to have to do the wrap-up that week, but left it open for this very reason. This extends the whole thing one more week and gets you in on the first round, so yay, us! (Yay! seems to be the word of the day for me.) Also, I just posted my first “Note” ever on Facebook. Apparently, that is a way of blogging at Facebook, and I am skeptical of the very idea, but you might like, since you shared a note earlier this week (might have been last week) and that is how i figured out FB had Notes. 😀


    • Written in ink now. You are on the schedule. Had a stroke of genius while I was editing the page. The wrap-up will be written by me, but it can run anywhere at all 🙂 It can run here, which would be kinda nice, but it can also be a guest blog. Something to think about.


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