Featured Blogger The First: Taylor Grace, Author


Hello, pup!

I am featuring Taylor Grace‘s five most recent posts at the top of the sidebar until further notice. She inspired this feature (see below for how it works) and is one of a handful of bloggers I think of as “bloggers I have known since I started my blogs.” Unless I am super-busy, I comment on her blog once a week. That is the most I comment anywhere consistently except the ones I run.

Taylor has lots of good features.

Taylor links to me a lot — she’s probably linked to my blogs more than any other blogger in the last year except me, and I have an advantage because I run two blogs and have permission to run amok on a third one. And a lot of links means a lot of pings.

I nearly always follow pings, and most of the time, I comment when I do. I see them as reminders to stop by and say hello 🙂

This is part one of a new feature. Here is how it works. I choose a blogger and put their five most recent posts at the top of my sidebar. No notice until the post publishes and the pings go out. The surprise makes it better, you see.

Everyone who qualifies has two things in common.

  • Consistently produces quality I appreciate enough to share.
  • Has had enough conversations with me that I find them interesting enough to interview if I had the time to do a more proper feature.

So, mostly bloggers I’ve been chattering with for awhile. It’s like a Follow Friday. Only it’s in the middle of the week and comes with a sidebar ad.

You won’t see this on either of  the other two blogs — it’s exclusive to this one. But I don’t mind other bloggers borrowing the idea. Not a bad way to spread some blog love, I say. It won’t be weekly at first, but eventually I will sit down on a Saturday and schedule four of them, and then it will become weekly.

This is not a test run. It’s a winner and I know it. It gets me a mid-week post that I can do consistently and allows me to do something nice for a friend. (Remember, despite the recent flurry from me here, the only post I promise at this blog is the #WeekendCoffeeShare post on Saturday.)

Obviously, if the feedback tells me readers of this blog like the idea, it will become a weekly feature much more quickly than it will if I have to share the next one on Facebook with a world domination meme to see what people think about it. Just sayin’

12 thoughts on “Featured Blogger The First: Taylor Grace, Author

  1. Oh no! it posted way too early. I was brainstorming it last night and had a power surge and a Facebook blackout and long story short, I refreshed the Facebook connection and it published. I backed it out, deleted all the social media links, etc., and was planning to run it next week. Changed the date to today, thinking I would get back to it in 24 hours and preempt the publishing until the post was right.

    But oh well. I suppose the thing to do at this point is go and snag some sweet Akita art from your blog and fix it up, because it is the middle of the night here, so most people will not see this for several hours. 🙂

    (This really was an accident. It was going to be so much better.)

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  2. Love the feature, and love Taylor Grace! I completely agree that it’s a winner, which is what people will see when they read this – a wonderful thing to do in support of our blogging friends. You’ve time to spruce it up with images 🙂

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    • Yeah. That is how I find people and get to know them. By going to blogs that friends link to and leaving comments 🙂 I am thinking this has to go weekly fairly soon now, since you gave it the thumbs-up and all.


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