Weekend Coffee Share: My Feb. 20 Topic Edition

I we were having coffee, I’d tell you I’m writing a post for 1,000 Voices Speaking for Compassion on Feb. 20. And I would let you in on the topic in the hope that it will pique your interest and you’ll stop by weekend-after-next to read it. I haven’t settled on a title yet nor figured out how to organize it, but I am writing something about compassion and Nonviolence.

When I use the word with a capital N, I am talking about the methods of positive social change developed by Gandhi and applied to the Civil Rights Movement by Martin Luther King, Jr. It requires one to develop an entire way of life and specific habits of thought to work, and that is a way of life I strive for, though I am certainly not perfect with it. Here’s an explainer on King’s philosophy if you’d like to read up. I don’t come at it from a Christian perspective, as he did, but I find the principles invaluable.Featured Image -- 3218

And I’d tell you I had an all-around busy week. I didn’t get to spend the time chattering on the internet I’d have liked to spend, and did not get much writing done. I still haven’t done my official A to Z announcement here, but at least Sourcerer is set up for a nice long run of blogging, and Diana is mostly back on the Internet now. Part Time Monster had the best single month any of our blogs have had since we started in January, and it is largely thanks to these coffee shares, so life on the blogs is good.

I did have a little internet time, though. I spent some of it joining in my first Blog Blitz by visiting Stephen Tremp and In The Shade of the Cherry Tree. It was fun and it did not take much time. My favorite part of it was visiting periodically on Blitz day and watching the threads grow.

I also spent some time over the last couple of days looking into a rare genetic mutation called PACS1 that my friend Lizzie blogged about. There is not a lot of information about it, and I am in the early stages of looking into it. But I am thinking about what I can do to help people who are dealing with it accomplish whatever goals they have for raising awareness on the social media. Because I’m getting better spreading ideas every day, and this looks like something that might benefit from my assistance.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

And I would tell you that next week is likely more of the same, only with even less Internet time, because I have a lot of writing to do. But at least I have Mardi Gras to look forward to the week after. I met my quota for bacchanalian frenzies years ago, but I do get two days off to play with the youngun’ and write.

Have an awesome Weekend, and a fabulous week.

32 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: My Feb. 20 Topic Edition

  1. Ooh, I cannot wait to read your compassion post, it sounds wonderful. As is your commitment to the community in general, so it’s wonderful you’ll be helping to raise awareness on PACS1. I still have more reading to do, but I plan to do a post myself. Have a great weekend πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks so much! You may have noticed, since you read these often, that my coffee posts have developed a structure that I use frequently. When I have a new idea to introduce, I nearly always introduce it first at the bottom of the coffee post.

      The order I am talking about things in here is not about significance, as it is in journalism. It’s about familiarity. Putting PACS1 at the bottom gets it out there, but I know so little about it, this is pretty much all I can say at this point.But next time I mention it, a few people will at least recognize the concept.

      Marketing, ideological learning, many types of pedagogy, community-building, movement organization. All those things rely on a similar cognitive process that begins with introducing a concept and end with people organizing activities around the concepts. This is why an interdisciplinary approach to understanding social things is so important. You can’t read one theory in one field about how this stuff works and understand the processes at a fundamental level. You have to know a lot of theories.

      It’s also why I don’t do many direct appeals for action. Those don’t typically work on the internet if you just post them out of the blue and no one’s ever heard of whatever you are talking about.

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    • Dang. I should have mentioned that. I’ll do a teaser for it or something.

      Despite the low numbers in terms of the views, this has become an insanely useful blog. I am thinking about a set of posts that I can stash the links to on a page and just pin them for recurring events. Right now I have the Feminist Friday Schedule pinned, but a lot of weeks I could pin the Coffee share on Wednesday, then once it’s rolling on saturday and there is an actual coffee post, pin the #SundayBlogShare. Something like that.


  2. Well thus is our first coffee date but seeing all you gave in here I send myself browsing our blog more often. I found the link through part time monster and am now hooked on reading the #weekendcoffeeshare through twitter. I see you are a busy person but do make sure you take regular time to ‘smell the coffee’ :))

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    • Thanks very much! I remember you from when I first started. Either you nominated Part Time Monster for an award, or she nominated you for one. Cannot remember. Thank you very much for stopping by!

      We’ve been doing these for months at this point. Not really sure when we started. Bloggers just kept joining in and linking to us and commenting on our threads, so we got ourselves a linky and a hashtag a few weeks ago. It has turned into something sweet.


  3. I’m thrilled to pieces that not only are you on board with 1000Speak (and proving instrumental in coaching us with social media) but that you have such determination to help the PACS1 families. You’re awesome πŸ™‚ Thank you.

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    • Thanks! Just doin’ what I can.

      I love it when you stop by the tiny personal blog what doesn’t get many reads, but everyone who reads it regularly comments at least once a month. I am not sure how I did it, really, but this mostly-once-a-week blog has an insane amount of social reach when I consider the fact that it gets so few page views I don’t even mention them when I analyze the quarterly stats.

      I have stumbled into something good here.

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        • Diana and me talk about broad networks and deep networks. Basically, build a huge one, or just build the biggest one you can and work your ass off to make sure as many people as possible know one another. Which would you rather have? It is not in our power to build a big one (yet) but we are good at introducing people πŸ˜€

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          • I’m good at deep – I’ve worked hard at genuine connections. I might not know the MOST people ever, or have hundreds of pliable followers, but I DO have people around me who I now call friends, and whose company I genuinely enjoy when they stop by.

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  4. You are definitley busy! Sometimes I get tired for you from seeing you all over the place! Not tired OF you but FOR you! The blog blitz was definitely fun and I signed up to help Stephen read and comment on blogs for A to Z Challenge. I’m looking forward to it!


    • Yay! I was actually leaving you a response when you wrote this. I am interested to know how you find the A to Z experience. I am thinking about doing that next year.

      And I look more busy than I am. Tabbed browsing and Tweetdeck give me the ability to be in many places at once πŸ™‚

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  5. Um wow! Your posts sounds really interesting for 1000Speak, I was gonna go for Compassion for people with mental health issues and perhaps disability because these things are something that I feel strong about, but honestly I’m drying up a blank as to how to approach it. I mean I would like a powerful post for an epic event such as this. I may even do a video to link into that post just for effect, if I get time… but alas I’ve also been less on the net. Real life gets busy some times.


    • I’m hoping for something powerful, too, but I’m going as short as possible with the post. Maybe a word limit of 750 for this. That isn’t that short, for a blog post about a topic like Nonviolence, but probably about as short as I can go.

      My thinking is that since there are so many, and people will be trying to read bunches of them, best make every word count.

      My connection to compassion is easy. I’d have a hard time approaching those issues you mention. I don’t have a lot of experience writing about them, and require much care with the language.

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      • it is basically about equality and love. you approach the topic with love. And because I suffer from Depression, I’ve written about it quite some bit. But as things look at the moment, it may go a different way.


        • I also suffer the depression and I am notoriously anxious among the people who know me well. And I do not sleep very much, ever. But I do not write about that stuff much, nor mention it often except in passing. The more personal things get, the more awkward I become. Which is why I do so much abstract stuff and things like wordless photos and roundups and informational-type posts. The coffee share is a godsend, because the structure of the thing gives me permission to share tiny bits of my personal life exactly once a week, and also compels me to do that. And this is probably as much about my actual self as anyone has gotten out of me on the internet in months.

          I am genuine, and I work very hard to be both real and kind. But I am an actor on a stage when it comes to the public side of things.

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          • well, i’m not usually as frank on other peoples blogs, and sense your genuine kindness as much as one can over the internet. These things aren’t easy to talk about and not everyone wants to read them. I try to keep it positive on Serins Sphere. I’ve now created another blog for if there are things I just need to write out. It has about 11 followers, which I don’t mind.

            But I’m quite open and honest on my blogs, and social media. It took a while but I guess living in a part of the world were there are not really lots of bloggers or blog readers gives me a sense of security.

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            • Honesty is the whole game. It is the prime directive. Humans can sense dishonesty. And if I may fly totally off the rails just long enough to say, it is spiritually important to live an honest life. That is what nonviolence is about for me. Living the Honest Life (it is capitalized because it is my personal, private stand-in for King’s “Beloved Community.”)

              Honesty and enough friends you can put real trust in are the only two things that are absolutely required to do the social change. Everything else is determined by tactical considerations and social structure. I am sure of that.


  6. I’m really looking forward to reading your post about Nonviolence and I love that idea for #1000Speak. I imagine a world where everyone follows that principle. I just learned about PACS1 myself, through Lizzi’s post and I also would love to learn more and use the little bit of social reach I have to spread awareness.

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