Note to the Crew

The #WeekendCoffeeShare is going great at Part Time Monster. The linky is still open for a few more hours. I have to be mostly offline until this evening, but do keep the sharing up and I’ll be doing off-and-on retweets from the phone.Emanuel_Wynne

I’ve done great with the networking and making of friends lately, but I have to change my social media habits for a few weeks to ensure that I deliver on my commitments to friends through April. Basically, I am in power-writing mode. I have to write, load, and finish a lot of stuff over the next few days in order to get ahead and stay ahead. What this means:

1. Twitter is a weekend thing for me for the next little while. I will check in there during the week, do some retweeting, and scan my notifications. And I am always happy for friends to share my stuff and tag me. But do not trust me to see an individual tweet or DM in good time. If you have something important, private Facebook communication or dropping it on a blog thread here is the order of the day.

2. You will see me sharing things to my Facebook timeline, because that is easy. But I’ll be doing less liking and commenting there. Basically, I am doing a big check-in on Monday and Friday, and answering the private and group communication that must be kept up for Sourcerer to keep rolling as I need to. Contributors and collaborators, feel free to contact me with important info on Facebook any time, and I will answer that. But Tuesday-Thursday, #amwriting, and I have to hit Twitter and the blogosphere hard on Saturdays and Sundays. Because that is where the weekend interaction is working. My Facebook activity consistently dies early Friday evening and doesn’t come back until Sunday night, so I see no need to spend time there on the weekends.

3. I will continue to answer my blog threads, produce blog posts, and be active in long-term discussions. Those are my first priorities.

Pending the time tonight to get the posts loaded and illustrated, I may run a four-part series on trolling behavior this week. If I do that, it will start tomorrow and at that point, I will unpin the Feminist Friday schedule, just for one week, and pin my #1000Speak post topic until Friday, at which point I will re-pin the Feminist Friday schedule.

Thank you, as always, supporters, for keeping me going. The social part of blogging is what makes it worthwhile for me. And we have made all kind of progress since the fall. Let’s keep that up.

2 thoughts on “Note to the Crew

    • Yeah, you missed a little. Lots of stuff happening right now, I started talking about in the Fall. The A to Z stuff and the Feminist Fridays rolling like clockwork producing the interesting and useful discussions are things I started talking about in October.

      Also, that Tolkien I kicked off today. Talked about that one all last year. That one was supposed to start back up the last week of January, but I got behind with it.

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