Weekend Coffee Share Memo RE: 1000 Speak

I will not make a habit of this, but given the number of you who wrote about #1000Speak in coffee posts over the last month, I think it is appropriate. This tweet is pinned to the top of my Twitter profile.

One of the things I am doing is compiling a library of Tweets that @1000Speak admins can copy and paste to send from that account and from their personal accounts. I don’t have the time right now to go through four weeks’ worth of linkies and find your posts. If you wrote a coffee post that talked primarily about 1000 Speak OR a compassion post on Feb. 20 and you would like me to include a link in the 1000 Speak tweet library, drop  links on this thread and I will snag the tweets at my convenience and add them to the library.

This is my way of saying thanks to all of you for your support, which has been quite overwhelming. And of leaving 1000 Speak a permanent resource when it is time for me to say “my work here is done” and wander on to the next hamlet, as it is my wont to do. Some bullet points about this effort and my involvement with it.

  • If you drop more than one link in a single comment, you need to comment again and let me know because comments with multiple links go to spam.
  • I am not running @1000Speak long-term. I am building it to the point that it can grow organically and other people can run it without triggering Twitter’s spam controls and getting the account suspended.
  • For the moment, when you see that account Tweeting, that is me. But I am doing my best to put things in place and to give 1000 Speak the resources to run a multi-user Twitter account and play for organic Twitter growth. This will take time.
  • Obviously, there is more coming from 1000 Speak. You don’t set up a Twitter account for a one-time thing. Discussions are being had. This will also take time.

Since the next Feminist Friday discussion is at Part Time Monster this week and I am posting a mid-week reminder, I am unpinning the Feminist Friday schedule and pinning this instead. If you are a collaborator or supporter, and you want a link included in the library, it is yours for the asking, whether it’s a coffee post or not. But you must share the link with me on this thread. Building a tweet library is fairly laborious work, and there are a damn lot of you at this point. It would take me weeks to track down all your posts on my own time.

19 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share Memo RE: 1000 Speak

    • Yours came through. Apparently this blog trusts you. I debated about this, but do not see any other way to do it, and that account needs a tweet library. And I cannot spend two weeks sifting through everything and builiding it, because it’s crunch time for us. So, glad you approve.

      Much frustration with the #WeekendCoffeeShare hashtag this week. I just had to ask a regular supporter why they shared a particular link to the hashtag, and have blocked several of my own followers today because they interfered with me working the hashtag.

      Anyone else who reads this: When I am on Twitter at all, I am moving quickly, and what I am doing with the hashtag is both strategic and important. No matter how much I love you or how many favors you have done us, I can’t interact with tweets sent to #WeekendCoffeeShare unless the links go to actual coffee posts or are conversational and clearly intented for the #WeekendCoffeeShareCrowd.

      People who follow @Sourcererblog and use the Twitter timeline as a content aggregator expect that when I retweet links from #WeekendCoffeeShare, there will actually be a coffee post for them when they click the link, you see.

      Blog threads, or just tweeting a link straight to me is the way to make clever introductions, people.

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      • Yeah, it had more interference than normal this weekend. And I’ve got to figure out a way to discourage sharing one link over and over to the tag, flooding it. That happens sometimes, too.

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        • The one that does it persistently, every week, is not intentional. That is someone who is using the hashtag in their headline and has a lot of people who just share their posts on Twitter. So it looks like spam, but is really not. Is a regular expressing the love of the thing in a disruptive way. Unless it is a huge, and cleverly-constructed botnet, which I do not really think is the case because it is not hitting us quite that hard. It looks organic.

          Have been meaning to approach you about this in private. This disrupts me on Twitter consistently, and I have to compensate for it while I am creating the beautiful fast-moving blog-link feed. Consistently.

          At some point, one of us is going to have to reach out and ask that the headline not be hashtagged, or else we are going to have to block about 40 twitter accounts that it would be best if we not block.

          And yes, I am leaving this here on purpose. There is value to this particular comment being on a public thread. Could solve the problem for us, but probably will not.

          Long-term, we have to deal with it at the interpersonal level or else we have to let everyone know through private channels to just block that stuff. It’s creating serious drag. I would rather work it out with them. Just not sure how to approach them about it.

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          • Short version: I’m not sure how to handle it either, but it is really very distracting. I wonder if it’s because I have my headline that way—but it’s my tag and my post with the linky on it. lol

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            • Yeah. You want your headline hashtagged, but if you notice, I do not hashtag mine. But yes. This is a real problem and a quandry. Compare to the way our friends at Write On! do things. Their coffee post gets shared several times over the weekend, on account of there are two people and three accounts working it. But they are spaced out, or else if not, usually only hit it two or three times. That does not distract me. But I just don’t know how to deal with it. Twitter is not the place to mention it. Perhaps in a blog comment next time it happens?

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    • Just had my best day yet for likes here, btw.

      Is only a few more likes than I get with a better-than-average Wordless Wednesday on your blog, but still. Best ever.

      I tagged you on Facebook maybe an hour ago.

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      • Gene’O, have been doing such a wonderful job of retweeting and getting all the pieces out there in the twitter universe. Thank you.

        It’s so nice to be part of such a lovely community of bloggers.

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