Join Us for a Feminist Friday Discussion at Things Matter!

The Feminist Friday discussion will be at Things Matter this week, and I have been given to understand that the topic will be particularly interesting.

Next week, on March 6, the discussion returns to Part Time Monster.

And now for your non-host Feminist link: Terri Hamrick, who I just discovered by browsing the Feminism tag, checked her “other” folder on Facebook recently and the experience inspired her to write a word or two about how women are treated online and about male privilege. This is my favorite part:

Recently there have been many discussions in public forums about privilege, and especially male privilege, how it is invisible to those who have it, and how the strategies of oppression focus on depersonalizing those who operate outside of the dominant group, how insidiously experiences are minimized, invalidated, gaslighted.  Being called out on behavior is not comfortable…  but learning about one’s privilege, and using it for elevating those who do not have it and advocating, being an ally, and least of all … NOT BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM… is all part of what it will take to end domestic violence, sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking, and all forms of abuse of power and control.

See you Friday at Things Matter!

The Great and Powerful A to Z Theme Reveal is March 23!


The Great and Powerful Theme Reveal A to Z Blogfest will be March 23. This is a linkup of epic proportions. The signup list is open, and it pains me to say, it has been open for a week and I have not mentioned it on the blogs. But at least I have a good excuse.

Projects, projects everywhere is my excuse. There are Blog Blitzes going on and the Feminist Friday crew is working on a secret project which we hope to announce soon.  Then there’s #1000Speak, which has turned into a Facebook group with almost 1500 members in a little over a month and had the linkup to end all linkups over the weekend.

I have also guest-hosted both #SundayBlogShare and #WeekendCoffeeShare this month and spent two other weekends working Twitter hard to get my bloggy friends seen. I have been busy. All this is why I have not been on Facebook and Twitter as much as usual lately and have been a bit more lax than normal about answering my threads.

I’m clearing projects left and right to make way for some A to Z fun. I want to join in an A to Z Twitter chat or two, which you can do on Thursdays at 1 pm or 8 pm ET using the hashtags #AtoZChallenge and #AZChat. And to visit more of the co-hosts before we get too deep into March.

Anyway, you want to sign up for the theme reveal and have a post for March 23. And check out some those other opportunities to meet bloggers I linked to. The Feminist Friday discussion is at Things Matter this week, and I will have a proper announcement tomorrow or Wednesday.

Weekend Coffee Share . . . #1000Speak, Again!

If we were having coffee, I would tell you #1000Speak is far exceeding my expectations. As I write this post, the linky list alone includes more than 500 posts, and the link-up is still live for a few more hours. If you’ve written and published a compassion post, I encourage you to add it to the linky list.1000speakLizzi

I would tell you I am grateful to everyone who’s written about this and shared the work of other #1000Speak bloggers, especially you #WeekendCoffeeShare friends. Your initial response to this project was gratifying, and your consistent support for it over the last few weeks has been truly amazing.

The first posts and the linky list went live early Thursday morning, my time. By the time I was able to check in on Thursday night, more than 100 people had added posts to the list. And the hashtag was so deep my mobile app would only load about six hours’ worth of tweets. Even though it’s mostly the strength of the idea and the work of others that made this a success, I did have part in it – especially in the early going – and I am feeling a bit like an Internet graffiti artist today.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

Then I would give you some pointers about how to keep spreading the compassion, in the form of telling you what I am doing this weekend, and hoping some of you join in.

1.Twitter will heat up starting around 10 or 11 GMT and stay hot for about 10-12 hours on Saturday, with periodic lulls. Then again on Sunday.

2. I hit the linky list. I read blogs. While I am  visiting a blog, I comment if I feel like it and use the sharing buttons to Tweet links to hashtags, pin good images, Stumble the best posts, etc. While I am doing this, I have ‪#‎1000Speak‬ loaded up on my phone or in a separate tab. I pause every 20 minutes or so and retweet 3 or 4 links.

3. Stuff I wrote about this three weeks ago gets shared to ‪#‎ArchiveDay‬ on Saturday, and I will retweet some things from that hashtag and read some Archive Day posts.

4. On Sunday, I am sharing #1000Speak posts with ‪#‎SundayBlogShare‬ while I do my normal thing there.Featured Image -- 3218

5. On Monday, I will share at least one #1000Speak post with ‪#‎MondayBlogs‬ and retweet from that hashtag. I am also coming back to Facebook on Monday morning with my favorite links from the weekend to share in groups and on my timeline.

The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to stop spreading the compassion when the linky closes. The great thing about linkies is they are permanent. You can revisit them at your leisure as long as they aren’t taken down. So stay with it as long as you like. The more this stuff is shared, the further it spreads and the more persistent it is on the Internet.

If you’ve published a post and not added it to the linky list, I advise you to do. That is the best way some of us have of finding you. Add your compassion post to the linky list below.