Only Two More Feminist Fridays Left for the Spring!

Gretchen at Drifting Through My Open Mind is hosting the Feminist Friday discussion this week. We’re talking about how gender bias affects girls’ decisions to study and pursue careers in the STEM fields. Possibly other things as well. Let’s just see where it goes!feministbloggersLOGOVERSION

Next week, I’ll have a wrap-up for this round of discussions right here at my own blog.

Just in case you haven’t heard, we’ve collected our best posts from last year into an e-book, Feminist Bloggers: The 2014 Collection. You can download it for free as a .PDF or e-reader text at Smashwords.

I didn’t have time to find you a recently-published feminist post from a non-host this week, but hey. Free download!!

The Feminist Fridays will be back in late May or early June, depending on how long it takes us to recover from the A to Z madness that is swiftly descending upon us. Have a Very Important English Legal Quote juxtaposed with an early Jolly Roger!



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