Just a Little Test

arrrr, mateys!

arrrr, mateys!

Just playing around with the social media architecture a bit. Here’s what I’ve done:

  1. Disconnected this blog from the Twitter accounts.
  2. Connected the Just Gene’O Facebook page, which is not currently in use, to one of the Twitter accounts so it tweets when I publish there.
  3. Connected this blog to the page as well.

The test is to see whether the link Tweeted from the page goes to the blog or to the page.

Fun, fun, fun!

12 thoughts on “Just a Little Test

    • Hey Tim! Not at the moment. I just discovered it a couple of weeks ago, and haven’t had time to take a look. But I am planning to look into it and see how I can use it to make the publishing to multiple networks easier.


  1. I love IFTTT. You can do so many cool things auto-magically! I don’t have any recipes set up for working with the blog yet since WP has let me link directly to Twitter, Facebook and Linked In.

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      • Cool, like you I’m not taking on any new projects until after the A-to-Z challenge. I am interested in helping with the research in that area, if you like. 🙂


        • I’ve got the Just Gene’O set up so that when I post here, it goes to that page, and that page tweets to @Sourcererblog. It works, and I get the same effect as having the Twitter account directly connected. That page allows me to tweet to the big account from Facebook, so will be sharing more stuff on it going forward.

          Basically, Sourcerer’s page is to publicize everything except what goes here, and for sharing from the page to Facebook groups. Just Gene’O’s page is for sharing things when I am on Facebook and sending them to twitter. So I have a page for incoming links, and one for outgoing links. Pretty cool, eh?

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  2. I use Buffer for multi-platform postings because I can schedule them per-platform, which is nice. (Especially since I live in Japan, and am not in the ideal timezone for posting anything). However, their app has proven pretty buggy for image sharing (a button that lets you share any image on a website, sort of like the Pinterest button). Still, it’s helped me pan out things a lot. 🙂


    • I know I thanked you for this on the other blog, but after looking into it I owe you a double thanks, and I am glad you shared it with me when you did.

      I’m too the point where I have to admit I’m running a network, and I need some effiiciency tools. I was just about to get into HootSuite, and this one looks better, maybe.

      I’m not so concerned about image sharing — page loading to share links is what’s killing me. I either have to share them everywhere at once, or remember to come back to them at the good time.

      The ability to set up a schedule and add things to a queue is powerful. I want.

      Also, at first glance, their blog appears to be quite the social media resource.

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