Last Feminist Friday Discussion Until Summer, Right Here, This Week.

I’m hosting the Feminist Friday discussion on this very blog, and also wrapping it up for spring. On Friday.

No topic announcement for you this week. I am not sure how I am going with it yet. Some violence happened to me last weekend that has got me thinking about my privilege and the blind spots that come with it.

I even wrote a rough draft and had two other bloggers read it, but, just based on their feedback and what I know about both my weaknesses as a writer and my schedule, it might not get done.

Might just review the previous discussions, call it a day for now, and save the post I want to run for summer.

Either way. You want to show up this week. It’s the last until probably June. These things take a lot of preparation and coordination. But at least we are getting better at it 🙂

I was not able to dig you up a feminist blog link this week, but at least I brought you a feminist video.

Brace yourself! April is coming!

8 thoughts on “Last Feminist Friday Discussion Until Summer, Right Here, This Week.

  1. I don’t want to miss this one. I’ll try to move mountains to join in on the conversations Friday. 🙂 I certainly want to know about your experience last weekend. And, on a happier note: P!nk and a Linda Perry song, you know you get a Big ‘thumbs up’ on that selection from me. 😀


    • Haha yes! I love that song.

      It’s going to be a straight wrap-up. No time to connect an attempted mugging with the privilege. But. I’ll go ahead and put the story into the coffee post on Saturday, I am pretty sure. It’s written, and it’s good. But the connecting of it to feminism needs time to percolate. So I’ll probably do that when the FFs start back up this summer.

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  2. Well, I hope you are okay. Let me know if you need help or just to talk it through. Sometimes that helps to articulate the thoughts and get it all together. 🙂

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