#1000Speak Posts Today!

And that is about all I know. The theme is “Building from Bullying,” you can find more info here, I did not write a post for this one, and just writing about compassion is ALWAYS welcome, even when there is a more specific theme.

I am hosting the linky. This is my way of letting those of you who jumped into this on account of me know that I am all in.compassion_nonviolence_Emma_Quayle

I’ve volunteered to try and build the @1000Speak Twitter account and that is about all I am doing at this point. I am an admin of the Facebook group with no real Facebook responsibilities.

The badge stays on my sidebar, and once things ease up a little, you will surely see #1000Speak featured in the #WeekendCoffeeShare again.

You will always find the linky here on posting days the Thursday morning before the madness starts. It goes up early here because when it’s 6:01 am on Thursday in New Orleans, it is one minute after midnight on Friday in Auckland, NZ. And when #1000Speak posts, we want the whole world to join in, as early as possible.

When I host these, my linky posts go up at 8:45. That leaves two hours and 45 minutes for other people to make sure the linky is actually live before I post, and puts it in newsfeeds on the East Coast at 9:45. Which is a good time to post if you want people in New York and London to see what you just published.

9 thoughts on “#1000Speak Posts Today!

  1. I was gonna skip this month, but as a woman I reserve the right to change my mind. My post is going live tomorrow. I found something very insperational on the subject. 🙂

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    • You’re welcome! I really must host.

      And thank you for all the help with the Twitter account. No matter how much I know about that network, the one thing I simply cannot do is keep an account active during the week.


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