My Blogging A to Z in April Challenge Directory

Since Blogging A to Z in April theme reveal day is only a few hours away, I’ll go ahead and throw this out. Even though I’m not doing the A to Z Challenge here this year, I am giving it my full social media support. This is my directory of bloggers I know who are Bogging A to Z in April. Here’s Sourcerer’s reveal.

survivor-atoz [2014]If you are in-for-sure and you’re either collaborating with me or read Sourcerer or some of its contributors regularly, let me know you are doing the challenge, and I will add you to the list. There are two categories: One for Sourcerer contributors, one for friends and readers. I’m just making a list quick list today, but when I have time I’ll add more. If you know me on the Internet and are in for A to Z, I’m happy to add you to this list.Sourcerer

Sourcerer Contributors

Part Time Monster

Comparative Geeks

Infinite Free Time

Melissa Barker-Simpson

Things Matter


Friends and Readers

Not a Punk Rocker

Victim to Charm

Write On, Sisters!

Nerd in the Brain

Eclectic Alli

Zen and Pi

Alex Hurst

The Waiting is the Hardest Part (A-to-Z co-host)

Unconventional Librarian (A to Z co-host)

Down Home Thoughts

Serin’s Sphere

Carrie Anne Tripp

Susan Gourley (A to Z co-host)

Somber Scribbler

Chasing Destino

It’s a Wonderful Blog

Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Ronovan Writes

The Artistic Christian

The Dog Lady’s Den

arrrr, mateys!

arrrr, mateys!

I know there are more of you, but I’m in a hurry because I all I have to do to be completely done with March blogging is load and schedule a few posts. Then I write six A to Z posts, and I am squared away to write for May. If you aren’t on the list, drop a front page link on me and I’ll update the list as I have time.

Happy almost-April!

Comments on this post are now closed. The list will be posted at Sourcerer on Sunday, 03/29 and featured there all month.

57 thoughts on “My Blogging A to Z in April Challenge Directory

  1. 🙂 Thanks for the mention. I’m actually happy with my progress on the A to Z Challenge. Theme reveal going up tomorrow morning my time 8h00. And the posts for the first week are all done, except one which I am waiting for “approval” . Hope I get it because you will really like that post. If not that post will still be awesome, but not as awesome. 🙂

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    • You’re welcome 🙂 My posts for Sourcerer are all drafted, then I have two to write for the Monster that are done in my head. Easy-peasy. This is a loading and scheduling night for me, once I am done answering the blog threads. Hopefully, I’ll be far enough along to look at reveals tomorrow.

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    • Yep. More could be, always. Push that schedule as far into the future as you can. That’s the secret to blogging frequently without spending all your time with computers.


  2. Gene’O, thanks for the listing. I am looking forward to my first big challenge with A-to-Z. I have written and scheduled my topic reveal post and about half my posts for April. My goal is to finish up this week with the writing and also develop a plan to visit other A-to-Z challengers. Thanks for all your helpful tips and good stories along the way.

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  3. I’m excited! I have a few more March posts I need to write (3 are almost done, 1 is an easy-to-write check-in, plus next week’s Photo Challenge), then have 5 or so more A-Z posts to write myself and need to collect & schedule my guest bloggers’ posts. Meanwhile school is going to be hectic for the next two weeks, so I’m prioritizing finishing the March things and will likely have to finish the A-Z writing during April.

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    • So, answering every comment on this thread on principle.

      We got on the same page like five minutes ago, so best of luck with the challenge, and do have as much fun with the #geekpastiche as you dare 😉


    • There’s always next year. This has been in the works for months, and even with all the lead time, I wasn’t able to do it here. Just at the other blog.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  4. Being a little newer to the whole blogging thing, I really wanted to participate. Just too many things going on in April. I will reading from the sidelines to prepare for participation next year though

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    • I can relate to your comments. I watched them do it a little bit last year and just ‘didn’t get it’. I had just started following them. This year, I launched my own blog and already knew I was nowhere near ready to take on the A-Z Challenge yet. I hope to join in next year also. 🙂

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    • Feel free to comment on the A to Z post threads any time. I’m planning to host open threads on Sundays at Sourcerer. A to Z is all about making friends, and the threads should be better than usual. No reason you can’t use it to make friends, even if you aren’t doing it this year.

      It takes a bit of planning. If you picked a theme right now and did two posts a month until next March and squirrelled them away, that would only leave you two to write. And A to Z posts can be short. Mine are 350 words or so.

      And they provide you with art, so you don’t have to go looking for that unless you really want to.

      Definitely not something I’d jump into unprepared at this late date, though.


  5. Very kind of you to mention me, Gene’o! I’ll be sure to mark this post unread again on Bloglovin’ so I can make sure I’m following everyone. I have a good feeling about this year. 🙂 My energy is high!

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    • yay! Everyone followed! You’re welcome for the mention, and I’m feelin’ it too. I think this will be a good year.

      I should mention, also, that two of the blogs listed in the “friends” section are people I got to know through A to Z last year and we’ve managed to keep up well enough for this whole year for me to link to them in my directory post.

      Also, that three different helpers/minions for three different hosts are on this list, though I have not and will not identify them as such. This directory is going to be my Sunday check-in list. I can’t read many of my friends’ posts during April because I’ll be working the A to Z list looking for new friends.

      I’ll tweet a links to almost every post I read before I leave the blogs during the week, but this is my go-to list for the Facebook shares. So good you jumped in when you did 😀

      Next Tuesday this list will be pasted in and run as Sourcerer as the last post before A to Z starts. On Tuesday night, I will truncate it, stick it to the top of the front page, close the comments, and add a note that says “If you appreciate the introductions, show your appreciation by commenting on my friends’ A to Z posts.”

      And after April 1, no more updates to this list.

      Will be good.

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      • Woo, that sounds complicated, but I think I got the gist of it. I am definitely fortunate to have somehow stumbled into a chance to get to know you better. I agree with you about the cutting off lists at a certain point. When I last checked the A-Z signup list it was at 700… now it’s 1100+! I’m already following a fair number of blogs that I selected carefully… but getting recs from others I trust (like you) will be a good way to get to the blogs I missed from 700 onwards.

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    • You kinda had to make the list. I might have just accidentally spammed you with notifications because the comment like buttons are acting a little weird tonight.

      I’m glad we connected, too!


    • I disagree with your comment Ronovan. I do not believe that you or I are ‘too old’ to say “Sup?” or too young to say anything else we’d like to say. 😀 I’ve already claimed “Betty White” privilege at only 50’ish. Is there maybe a male equivalent to that or is it universal and non-gender specific? I’m not waiting until I’m 80. Gene’o and the younger bloggers will have to wait a while before they can get away with claiming it though. 😀

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      • I am sure there is some politician name we could come up with to apply to it that has no qualities of either male or female that are of any use. oooo Perhaps that would make a good A-Z challenge Theme, the Greatest Politicians ever from A-Z. But I think we would fail the challenge.


      • Oh, and like, how can I get that cool look for a profile photo? I mean it’s like a cross between Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad and a slightly not so tough dude. i was thinking like Robin Thicke or Will Smith.

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        • Haha! Funny. My wife took the photo. It’s just a shot of me leaning against a wall and looking down slightly. I call it my rabblerouser photo because I think it looks like I am about to go and stir up some labor unrest.

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  8. Oh my, thank you for making this list, and thank you for adding me to it too! I will check out all blogs listed and follow anyone who I am not already 🙂


    • I am very much aware of your blog, and I love what you’re doing with it, even though I don’t comment that much, just so ya’ know 🙂 No way you could not make this list. It was a mental list, typed out in a hurry. So you’ve definitely made an impression.

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    • yay! I’ll surely add you to the list when I update it next. You’re one of the first bloggers I chatted with in April last year, IIRC.


        • I think I visited you for A or B. You’ve stayed on the radar because your name and blog title are so distinctive, so when I see you commenting on a thread, I remember “oh yeah that guy.” Where are you on the list this year? I’m curious.


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