Weekend Coffee Share: Scooter Punks and Other Madness

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about a term I coined several years ago now:

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

“scooter punk,” (n.) — A skater punk who isn’t old enough to ride a board yet.

I coined it for my grandson when he got his first scooter at the age of three, and I don’t consider the word “punk” pejorative here. Here are some ways you can tell if you have a scooter punk on your hands.

  1. When they see older kids riding boards, even before they can talk, their eyes light up. They point and jabber and get toddler-angry if you don’t stop and let them watch.
  2. Give them a scooter and they do tricks like bunny hops, riding backwards, sitting on the handlebars, and riding off the edges of sidewalks just for the fun of it.
  3. They often attempt feats with their scooters and bikes that are either too difficult, or just plain impossible, and wipe out in the most spectacular way imaginable, then get up laughing and bleeding at the same time and try it again.
  4. If you’re busy, or worn down from keeping up with the little person to the point that you slip up and allow them to ride their scooter without shoes or a helmet — no matter how flat and unobstructed their riding area is — you are almost guaranteed a trip to the ER.

So basically, if you view your job as keeping the young’un safe and doing what you can to help them live up to their potential and make it to adulthood, you’re in for a few nerve-wracking years once your scooter punk gets his or her wheels. And it only gets worse from there. Because eventually they get coordinated enough to graduate to a board.

Photo by Gene'O, 2015.

Photo by Gene’O, 2015.

And I’d tell you this is the second post I’ve written today. Since I haven’t been up that long, and it isn’t even noon, I am hoping to finish several more that have just been sitting as drafts for the last couple of weeks. I’ve finally got my Facebook set up not to suck away large amounts of time and run kind of like the blogs do — I post on my timeline on a schedule, and answer the threads and notifications when I have time.

The secret is an app called Buffer, which you can find here. I am using the free version right now, and have gotten several extra queue slots by referring new users through that link I just shared with you. Last time I loaded it all the way to full, I was able to schedule afternoon tweets three days in advance, and Facebook shares four days in advance.

I’m definitely getting the paid version soon. I wouldn’t have made it through April — at least not while maintaining the steady Internet presence I have — without this awesome app. Have a great week! The A to Z Challenge is almost done.  It’s been fun, but exhausting, and I haven’t done as much visiting as I’d hoped to do, but I have done plenty and it’s definitely been worth all the planning and effort.

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Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I am Behind on Everything

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you this was one of those weeks where I actually wrote my coffee post while I was drinking my coffee on Saturday morning. I had a crazy-busy week at work and I’ve been trying to get to bed a little earlier than normal this week, because I started the week fairly exhausted. It’s been all I can do to keep up with the blog threads, and I haven’t done the best with that. If I didn’t have a big bunch of fabulous contributors for Sourcerer, many of whom schedule their own posts and answer their own threads, I’d have been sunk these last couple of weeks.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I’m also getting ready to move from an apartment in a not-so-good neighborhood to a house in the country, so I’ve had to spend some time adjusting the household budget and doing things like gather up appliances. I’m excited to be moving soon — we’ve outgrown the apartment and we really need a yard — but the moving itself is a pain. And it will be expensive.

I’d tell you I haven’t visited as many new blogs for the A to Z Challenge as I’d hoped to visit at this point, and I’m planning to spend a lot of my time this weekend catching up on that.  A to Z has been awesome this year — good for Sourcerer’s daily traffic, good for engagement, and good for bringing all the contributors and collaborators I work with together. I feel as though I’m not getting as much out of it as I could be, though, and that’s because I’ve not done enough visiting.

Other things here and there have unexpectely taken odd bits of my time.

Earlier in the spring, when our friends Holly and David of Comparative Geeks announced that they’re having their first child soon, and went out for guest posts to get them through May and June, Diana and I agreed to write several for them, on the same work of fiction. I’ve promised them a minimum of three posts and up to six if I can swing it. I’ve got the first three drafted, and I realized last week I needed to re-read the books I am writing about before I could write the other three. So I’ve been powering through a certain Neil Gaiman comics series this week, and I just finished it up last night.

A Facebook group that I loved, and shared blog links in almost every day, went away this week. I spent most of an evening asking around and figuring out what happened. I still don’t really know, but that group seems to be gone — at least it’s now secret and I, along with a lot of people I know have been removed. So I’m sharing my links in Once Upon A Blog now, and encouraging my friends who are in the same boat as I am with that other group to join me there.

1000speakLizzi1000 Voices Speaking for Compassion is getting ready to post again. The linkup goes live on Sunday/Monday. The optional theme for this month is Nurturing. I’m not writing for the linkup, but I am hosting it. I’ve spent some time this week discussing various ways of making the communication for that group more effective and encouraging participation.

All this hasn’t left much time to do anything else except communicate with Sourcerer contributors and answer blog threads. I’m even behind on that. But on the positive side, I’ve come home every day this week to find 30 or more Facebook notifications and 50 or more Twitter notifications. You wouldn’t know it just from looking at the number of likes on my personal timeline, but this networking thing is working. Time to admit that I’ve got more network than I can keep up with on a daily basis — and that is a good thing to admit to oneself.

I’m glad I started using Buffer when I did.

Then I’d tell you I hope you have a marvelous weekend, and it’s time for me to get to work. Keep writing and keep blogging!

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