Weekend Coffee Share: Scooter Punks and Other Madness

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you about a term I coined several years ago now:

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

“scooter punk,” (n.) — A skater punk who isn’t old enough to ride a board yet.

I coined it for my grandson when he got his first scooter at the age of three, and I don’t consider the word “punk” pejorative here. Here are some ways you can tell if you have a scooter punk on your hands.

  1. When they see older kids riding boards, even before they can talk, their eyes light up. They point and jabber and get toddler-angry if you don’t stop and let them watch.
  2. Give them a scooter and they do tricks like bunny hops, riding backwards, sitting on the handlebars, and riding off the edges of sidewalks just for the fun of it.
  3. They often attempt feats with their scooters and bikes that are either too difficult, or just plain impossible, and wipe out in the most spectacular way imaginable, then get up laughing and bleeding at the same time and try it again.
  4. If you’re busy, or worn down from keeping up with the little person to the point that you slip up and allow them to ride their scooter without shoes or a helmet — no matter how flat and unobstructed their riding area is — you are almost guaranteed a trip to the ER.

So basically, if you view your job as keeping the young’un safe and doing what you can to help them live up to their potential and make it to adulthood, you’re in for a few nerve-wracking years once your scooter punk gets his or her wheels. And it only gets worse from there. Because eventually they get coordinated enough to graduate to a board.

Photo by Gene'O, 2015.

Photo by Gene’O, 2015.

And I’d tell you this is the second post I’ve written today. Since I haven’t been up that long, and it isn’t even noon, I am hoping to finish several more that have just been sitting as drafts for the last couple of weeks. I’ve finally got my Facebook set up not to suck away large amounts of time and run kind of like the blogs do — I post on my timeline on a schedule, and answer the threads and notifications when I have time.

The secret is an app called Buffer, which you can find here. I am using the free version right now, and have gotten several extra queue slots by referring new users through that link I just shared with you. Last time I loaded it all the way to full, I was able to schedule afternoon tweets three days in advance, and Facebook shares four days in advance.

I’m definitely getting the paid version soon. I wouldn’t have made it through April — at least not while maintaining the steady Internet presence I have — without this awesome app. Have a great week! The A to Z Challenge is almost done.  It’s been fun, but exhausting, and I haven’t done as much visiting as I’d hoped to do, but I have done plenty and it’s definitely been worth all the planning and effort.

Happy Saturday, and don’t forget to add your coffee share post to the linkup at Part Time Monster (who is calling for guest posts, btw), and share it to #WeekendCoffeeShare on Twitter.

17 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Scooter Punks and Other Madness

  1. I love buffer. I’ve been using it for a while now and it just takes the stress out of facebook and twitter. Without buffer I have some days when I wouldn’t be able to update at all.
    I think my youngest might be a scooter punk, she seems to take more scooting risks with than her brother.

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    • It’s entirely possible. We have no skater tradition in my family, and don’t watch a lot of extreme sports or play skating/snowboarding/etc. video games. As far as I can tell, he was born with that disposition.

      Agreed about Buffer. I also like that they’ve answered every email and responded to every Tweet I’ve sent them.

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  2. I’m really glad Buffer is working so well for you. 🙂 Got my first few Stumbls last night from content I’d shared, so I’ll be seeing how far I can go with StumbleUpon in the coming months!

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    • The Buffer has been a godsend. I am so glad you turned me on to it. Once I get the Facebook properly streamlined (almost there with that), and put a little time into shoring up the Twitter accounts, which I have mostly neglected for a while now, StumbleUpon is my next thing to sink a bunch of time into in hope of figuring out how to make it useful for blogging purposes. I got a few hits from it over the weekend.

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  3. I’m going to have to use the Buffer. I haven’t yet only because I haven’t had time to sign up for and learn to use another service yet, but as soon as I do (which goodness I do hope is this week!) I’ll be doing something similar.

    And I love that photo. 🙂


  4. Just starting on coffee posts now. I had a very sad and stressful weekend! I know what you mean, my boys were the same way. At some point sense will start to sink in and they will be a bit better about not trying to kill themselves. : ) Buy a super good quality full-face helmet and right now! Front teeth are the first thing they chip (or knock out) and those are never fixed right.

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    • That strikes me as sound advice. I’ve always been careful with my teeth, and I am lucky I started life with good ones. But I am a typical in that regard.


  5. Love BUFFER 🙂 Linking IF (previously know as IFTTT) with Buffer has a lot of possibilities. Still needs some work playing with it though. I did not make a coffee post this weekend, was out of town at a karate tournament.

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    • Hope you had fun at the tournament! To use IFTTT (still on my list to check out) with Buffer, the idea would be to post to one place with Buffer, and then have IFTTT recipes to spread it elsewhere, yes?

      So, a scheduled tweet goes to a Facebook page, a scheduled Facebook update goes to a Tumblr? Something like that?

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        • Does IFTT allow you to send things on different schedules? My problem right now is I am blasting out the same thing to every network simultaneously, but the networks all run on different schedules. Is IFTT a thing so good I could just disconnect the publicize and use it instead?

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          • You might look at chaining events. For example you could have one recipe (that’s what they call their things you create to do stuff) that tweets when you post a blog article, then another that posts on FB when you tweet. then etc… of course this would mean that everything post on the blog would go to Twitter and FB. there are lots of different combinations. It hurts my brain when I start thinking about all the possibilities. 🙂 But answer your question, I don’t think that IFTTT allows scheduling. it is very trigger or event driven. Literally IF This thing occurs, then do That.

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