Social Media Sunday: Twitter, Facebook, et al.


I’m doing a double-feature today. I’ve got another one of these over at Sourcerer which explains what I’m doing with Twitter for the next couple of weeks. Basically, I am standing the Twitter accounts back up and getting them right before I do anything else other than blog. This one will clue you in somewhat on the bigger picture.

Image via Suzie81's Blog, 2014.

Image via Suzie81

At most, I’m posting two scheduled status updates a day on Facebook because that’s all I have time for. These are mostly short text updates because scheduled link-sharing doesn’t work over there unless you schedule a public share to one place (a page, say) and then share it from the page internally (and manually) to timelines and groups.

For now, my Just Gene’O page is inactive and the Sourcerer page is doing what it’s always done — provide a landing space for publicized links. The blogs are all connected to @Sourcererblog, which is also tweeting on a schedule. The next thing is to get @justgeneo tweeting on a schedule and get those accounts to the point where they’re low-maintenance, growing accounts. Then we talk about the Facebook group and StumbleUpon.

This, the blogging, and the answering of my threads. are likely all I’m going to have time to do on the Internet for most of the summer. I’m driven at this point, people. We shall break the Internets.

Weekend Coffee Share: Abbreviated Version

If we were having coffee, I’d stop by just long enough to say I hope you have a great weekend, and I don’t have time for a long chat.  I’m moving this week, so I am somewhat surrounded by boxes and have many more to pack. I also posted a blog party thread at Sourcerer on Wednesday, and it exploded on me, so I have lots of visiting to do.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I would tell you before I go, though, that little people school is out, finally. My grandson has made it through first grade. He’s reading above his great level and doing fantastic with math. I could not be more proud.

Have a great weekend! Perhaps I’ll see you later on the Twitters.

Don’t forget to add your link to the linkup at PartTimeMonster, and share it with #WeekendCoffeeShare on Twitter.

Super Awesome Self Promo Thread of Doom

Reblogging this because some of you might be interested. I love threads like this and I plan to join in 🙂 Comments are closed to eliminate confusion about where the links should be dropped.