Weekend Coffee Share: Back to Business As Usual

If we were having coffee, I’d be more relaxed than you’ve seen me in weeks. I was up by 6 am today for the first Saturday in over a month. The spring semester is finally done and little people school doesn’t end for a couple of weeks. That means I have a brief window of time to get ahead with some writing and catch up with a few friends.

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Getty stock image.

I’d tell you Shawn over at Down Home Thoughts is taking a survey about values for a book he is writing. He asked me to help him spread the word back during the A to Z madness, and I’m just getting around to it. Here’s the survey; I took it myself a few minutes ago.

And I’d tell you I HOPE I am about to turn the corner on the social media organization madness. I’ve just about got Facebook sorted out after months of experimenting, and I plan to get back to Twitter and spend a lot of time looking at blogs and sharing them this weekend.

The summer run of Feminist Fridays are scheduled, and my first three Sandman posts for Comparative Geeks are completely finished. Now I am thinking about when to re-start my Tolkien series at Part Time Monster and try to push it to a conclusion. That series has been good for us, and it’s nice to have draft material of that quality and length to keep working on. But it’s been a time-consuming, never-ending task.

I’m ready to be done writing literary essays on the blogs. They take too long and don’t play well enough for the time and effort that go into them. That doesn’t mean I plan to stop writing about Tolkien, nor contributing to Part Time Monster. I’m just convinced that the way to keep growing, at this point, is to go shorter and lighter with the blog posts.

That’s about all I’d have to say today. There are a lot of people with new things in the works, both for the blogosphere and other social media. But I’ll leave those for another day, and hopefully catch up with you sometime this weekend.

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Don’t forget to add your post link to the linky list at Part Time Monster and share it with #WeekendCoffeeShare on Twitter.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Back to Business As Usual

  1. I am currently very jealous of everyone on the semester system. We’re still at mid-terms and I’m looking at the madness of end-of-year finals in June… but summer… summer will be a glorious time!
    Glad things are settling a bit for you!

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    • It has its upsides and downsides. The intercessions are great. First and last month of the semester, not so much. And if your job follows that schedule, it’s like your always in school, basically.


      • My schedule goes up and down based on testing schedules… so the start of each term is pretty dead – picks up during midterms, and then goes crazy for the week of Finals. And because of how the terms are scheduled we go crazy 3 times a year (summer is structured differently and lighter on finals). Semesters would cut us down to craziness twice a year 🙂

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        • Yeah. I understand. Since I am an administrator and do the public academic support thing where I have to supervise and coordinate a lot of client-service provider interaction, my shedule gets crazy the first month of the semester, then for a week at midterm, then the last month of the semester. And I also get end-of-fiscal-year insanity with contract renewals and such, which coincides with spring finals because you don’t want to leave that stuff to be done at the last minute. (That’s as much as I’ve ever said about my professional life on the public media. I suppose that means I feel really safe talking to you on my blog 🙂 )

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  2. You sound better and lighter this morning. I guess it’s those extra few hours of sleep. Whatever it is, it sounds great! Have a great week.


  3. I most definitely was not awake at 6 this morning, but I did get plenty of sleep for the first time in a few weeks, and it was pleasant.

    I’m spending the day working on weekend coffee share and the Comparative Geeks posts, and then I’ll be almost caught up and ready to start experimenting with Buffer.


  4. Thanks for the coffee. I slept past 10 am this morning, but I still don’t feel rested. Why would you want to wake up at 6?
    I also took Shawn’s poll.
    I’ve recently come to the same conclusion on blog post length. Sometimes it’s hard to be shorter though.

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