Twitter 2.0

I wanted this to go out this morning, but didn’t get it done last night, and I just feel like publishing something. The Great 2014-15 Facebook Campaign has been a success. My timeline engagement is up enough to satisfy me for now, and I’m Facebook friends with almost 100 bloggers I was not friends with before I started it.

It’s cost me a lot of time to get it where it is, and it’s been time well-spent, but I can’t keep putting that kind of time into Facebook. From here on out, I’m happy with the progress, doing a couple of public shares on my timeline per day, and re-prioritizing my blog threads and Twitter accounts.

I am spending the bulk of my Internet time this evening setting up an eight-day run of scheduled tweets. All the links I’m sharing, once this starts, are for blogs to which I have access to stats. This is a well-thought out plan, and I am doing it specifically to test the value of my Twitter accounts.

I referred somewhere between 60 and 120 readers to other peoples’ blogs last Sunday from Twitter with 4 tweets. That’s a vague number, I know, but Twitter and Buffer are giving me different numbers, and I am not sure how they’re counting some of their stats. But even 60 referrals is a phenomenal number for me. I am looking to replicate it and confirm it with WordPress stats.

Scheduling is not all I’m doing on Twitter. I’m also doing my best to get engaged over there again. That doesn’t mean I’m there all the time. Just means I’m making a better effort to answer my notifications.

Whether this first run works or not, it will give me info about tweeting times, what sells, and the relative strengths of various hashtags that I simply cannot get from reading articles. Might be good, and I have no idea how long it will take me to actually get it set up. I’m trying to get ahead of the weekend and the next #1000Speak publishing date, though.

The great thing about this: Once I share these tweets once, I can start over at day 1, tweet the most popular ones again. I can edit the mediocre ones for better results. I can drag tweets from one account queue and drop them in another. As long as I don’t send the exact same tweet more than once in a week, and don’t share the same link too much, this should be effective on Twitter.


Here’s my recipe for tweet scheduling for @Sourcererblog. It can’t be only links, of course.

  1. Popular posts from Part Time Monster, Sourcerer, and Comparative Geeks. I’ve chosen these blogs primarily because the links are easy for me to get at efficiently, they all have posts by a variety of people (so I’m not repetitively pimping one blogger or one blog) and I can measure the results.
  2. Tweets in which I introduce some of my tweeps to other of my tweeps.
  3. Funny stuff, like maybe I’ll include a few items from the Evil Overlord List and The Pirate Primer since world domination and pirate jokes are my two most successful running gags.
  4. Random blogging humor to people I chatter with often.
  5. Chattery stuff in which I tag no one.
  6. I also have an A to Z Challenge Roadtrip plan for @justgeneo, but I don’t know how long it will take me to set that up, and the plan isn’t fully-formed yet, but I’ll post the recipe for that one once I figure it out.

Happy Friday! #WeekendCoffeeShare tomorrow at Part Time Monster 🙂


16 thoughts on “Twitter 2.0

    • LOl. I have to figure it out before I can share it. The West Coast is online, eh? I am getting notifications from there right now.

      Loading up the queue right now. Got 37 links to Sourcerer and Part Time Monster set up for Twitter already. About to add 19 Comparative Geeks into the mix. 😉 Could just stop right now, and I would still be tweeting the blog links this time next week 😀

      But I will not stop.

      We will break the Internet, yeah?


    • 🙂 I still haven’t gotten the first queue completely loaded, but if I just walk away from @Sourcererblog or get hit by a bus, that account will still be tweeting a week from tomorrow.

      The way to get at best stuff to tweet is go to the old stats page and pull up the most popular posts summary, because that gets you a hyperlinked list. I loaded up about 20 each from our blogs and CG last night.

      I’ve been sending a few things to #ArchiveDay today, but just added the coffee posts that are on the linkup so far to the queue and extended the schedule for today.

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    • LOL. It’s slow going at the moment with the Twitter scheduling because I am having to pause and keep the interaction up from time to time, but I’m almost there with the @Sourcererblog account.

      Twitter makes me unreasonably happy.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve been at it awhile at this point. It’s hard. Takes a lot of time to generate enough data and draw conclusions, but yes, I am as scientific with this stuff as I care to be.

      You have to be careful not to go overboard with the scientific approach. Spontaneity and taking gambles on things just because you want to do them on your blog no matter how they come out are important, too.


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