Weekend Coffee Share: Abbreviated Version

If we were having coffee, I’d stop by just long enough to say I hope you have a great weekend, and I don’t have time for a long chat.  I’m moving this week, so I am somewhat surrounded by boxes and have many more to pack. I also posted a blog party thread at Sourcerer on Wednesday, and it exploded on me, so I have lots of visiting to do.

Getty stock image.

Getty stock image.

I would tell you before I go, though, that little people school is out, finally. My grandson has made it through first grade. He’s reading above his great level and doing fantastic with math. I could not be more proud.

Have a great weekend! Perhaps I’ll see you later on the Twitters.

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23 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: Abbreviated Version

        • LOL, that’s cool. At some point, I’m going to open a conversation about building an event team and giving everyone who wants to play a silly title and offering to teach anyone who doesn’t know it how to embed hyperlinks so we can work blogathons and things like A to Z in groups. It’s a little early for that now, but strikes me as a good idea.

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            • It’s easy — once you have the link structured correctly, you just save the sig in a text file or draft of a blog post — I have a draft that I use just for reference purposes — and copy to load it into the pasteboard while you are doing visits. Works a treat.

              If you’re interested, start brainstorming a silly title so you’ll have it when we need it.

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    • Thanks! I’ve been impressed by the maturity he’s developed since Christmas. He could barely sit still and had a rough go of it during kindergarten and the first few months of first grade.

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  1. Good Luck with the move, hope everything goes according to plan. Although I get confused by US grade system I think my lad is of an age with your grandson. He’s got a few months left till the school holidays.

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    • 🙂 I do believe he is. I was concerned about his reading at the end of last year. Now, he’s using the search function on the remote to spell out movie titles and actually reading silently to himself for pleasure. He’s had a good year.


  2. Best of luck on move. Last time I moved, I swore it would be my last – though I know it probably won’t me… But darned if it doesn’t take everything out of me. Here’s to finding things you lost from the last move and losing new things (just kidding – a little moving humor). Seriously, best of luck and hope all goes well.


  3. Hi Gene, I’m new to sharing over a cup of coffee, but quite like it so far! 🙂 Good luck with the move! 🙂


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