Love Wins

I’m sure you’ve heard about the Supreme Court ruling by now.

This is what the Campaign for Southern Equality has to say about it. I agree. The tv is telling me at least two marriages have already been performed in Mississippi.


Part Time Monster has also chimed in, and Deep South Daily is taking the day to share photos of celebrations on their social media submitted by Mississippians. Info in this post on their Facebook page, and they’re @DeepSouthDaily on Twitter.

Can you tell I’m happy about this?


Updated: Not entirely suprising, but obstruction from some states and more legal wrangling is coming.

6 thoughts on “Love Wins

  1. I wonder if Obama will have to deploy troops to protect civil rights the way Johnson did to end Segregation? Can’t just ignore the law of the land decided by the authority of the Supreme Court under the Constitution.


    • Nah. It’s just a last obstructionist gasp. There are stays of cases pending in the Court of Appeals, and the 5th Circuit has to lift them. Technically, those orders are moot (I think), but the state’s holding out. The Attorney Gen. of MS says once that’s done, the state will enforce the law. They’re just being jerks about it. But no troops needed for this. Maybe some problems, but nothing law enforcement can’t deal with. Even in Mississippi, there’s widespread support for it at this point. Most of the Circuit Clerks are prepared to issue the licenses.

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  2. I’ve been so happy today. I hadn’t heard murmurs of this until the actual decision was reached yesterday, so when I saw the first article, even though it was HuffPost, I thought they’d been fed the wrong information…. THAT’s how cynical I’d gotten about it! So glad I could have some faith restored, again. 🙂


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