Ask a Bisexual: “Can Men and Women Ever Just Be Friends?”

And we’re off and running with another Feminist Friday discussion. (Comments are disabled here to encourage you to comment on the original post.)

The Lobster Dance

In thisFeminist Friday post, I’mgoing to discuss bi1 erasure in social science research and news coverage. It’s bad enough having to do the closet hokey-pokey literally every single day of my life2, but when heterosexual/monosexual/cisgender social scientists and writers decideto pointedly ignore non-monosexualfolks orwrite their thrilling conclusions about our personal liveswithout our input3, it very much affects us.

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Exhibit A:Erasure by Exclusion as Data

Thisvery scientific article from 2012 fromScientific American(the link is from donotlink, so click away) is here to sell you a pack of lies (which hurt het folks, too!):

[Image: Scientific American, Headline reads [Image: Scientific American, Headline reads “Men and Women Can’t Be ‘Just Friends'” NO.

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