Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I Say, “Fine”

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that when my Saturday post publishes, I will be covered in bleach, because I am washing my house down today with the help of my Father.

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And I would tell you I am thinking about what is good for Gene’O — not what is good for Gene’O but is also good for everyone else. I would tell you, bluntly, that it is time for me to be selfish, and I don’t give a fuck whether anyone likes it or not.

I’d tell you I finished up with work very early in the day yesterday. I spent my commute dreaming up Sci-Fi Saturday things I could write for Sourcerer, and wondering if I should go ahead and do a coffee post over there.

I’m obviously NOT doing a coffee post over there this weekend. And I am also not doing a Sci-Fi Saturday there. I’m not doing anything at Sourcerer this weekend, unless I find a sliver of free time that I do not know about at this point.

My family, bless their southern hearts. Do not actually understand what I am doing here. This Internet thing, as far as they are concerned, is a hobby. I am trying to put us into a position to build something reselmbling a business here. But as far as some of the people in my life go? I might as well be building model airplanes. Or paper airplanes.

This is probably all, for the whole weekend, as far as the words posted on the blogs goes. It’s hard to do spur-of-the-moment writing when you’re surrounded on all sides by chaos and people with expectations. Especially if you want the spur-of-the-moment writing to be decent and have art.

I would not rule out interactions in other media, though. It only takes so long to wash a house, and as for dealing with the rest, well. I am accustomed to that.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: In Which I Say, “Fine”

  1. Gene’O, I get what you’re saying. I live alone and the distractions are still ongoing and frustrating as hell! I’ll admit, I don’t understand Sourcer that well, but I enjoy reading this blog a great deal. I haven’t even told my family and extended family that I blog and quite prefer it that way! My blog is just too personal and they couldn’t handle it, especially if they are the subject matter! 🙂 Hope the house washing went well. I’m doing mine today also because some idiot (me) pointed the mower shoot toward the house and not away. I’ll learn this shit sooner or later.
    Take care!


    • Thanks! I actually intended to kill this post this morning and write something a little less angry, but just realized that it published, so oh well.

      This is a little more harsh that I actually feel about it most of the time. It’s just frustrating when 11 pm rolls around, I’ve not had a single minute to produce content, and we STILL have things going on.

      Most of my family know I blog. If I had it to do over again, I’d only tell my wife and my sister.

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