In which I ask an actually serious question in a straightforward way

Who’s read Saga, either in whole or in part? What do you think of it and is it worthy material for a pop culture blogger who needs to buy one set of texts and get a lot of mileage out of them?

saga Cover

The reason I ask is that I need a large, rich text to fuel the next phase of my blogging. Puppies and personal problems are going to get old quickly, and the stand-alone photography has pretty much played out until spring.

I need books or comics to write about, and I have Amazon money to spend.

What I need is a relevant, significant, contemporary, ongoing thing that I can approach from different angles and write about for several blogs.

Saga seems to be the best bet, and my closest friends are telling me to pull the trigger on this one.

What do you think? Worthwhile, or should I order something like Civil War and go hard at Marvel?

I am at a crossroads here. Big decision, because it’s going to determine the content for most of my blogging through the end of March.

Advice, plz!

12 thoughts on “In which I ask an actually serious question in a straightforward way

  1. Go with Saga. Everyone is writing about Marvel unless you want to tackle the upcoming addition of the Punisher, maybe talk about the evolution of its screen presence.

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  2. Read it! Saga is by far my favorite title out right now. It’s only down side is that they have to take breaks so Fiona Staples can keep up with the art, but it’s totally worth it. Tracy and I are both re-reading the whole series in order to do a podcast on it.

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